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April 7, 2011

Nick Watney


Q. First round, how was it out there today?
NICK WATNEY: Well, I'm very pleased with 72. I did not hit it very well and I saved a lot of shots out there. So I'm very, very happy with 72.

Q. So you saved a lot of shots, was it your short game that was the key do you think?
NICK WATNEY: My putting was a huge key. I made about a 30-footer for par on 17.
Nice up-and-down at 18.
About a 15-footer for par on and 12-footer for par on No. 16.
So it was a bit of a struggle out there ball striking wise.

Q. Was it the irons or everything?
NICK WATNEY: Everything, really. It was rough. It was a rough day today with ball striking. So I'm a little bit frustrated, just because I don't see it much easier than it was today, but at the same time it could have been a lot higher, so I'm relieved to get it over with and excited to go work on it.

Q. The conditions out there, was it pretty calm, pretty, were the greens soft or?
NICK WATNEY: Very calm this morning. Greens were receptive to good shots. I don't think we'll see the course much easier than it was today.

Q. Adam just mentioned that even though the greens were in pretty good shape, the fringes were really slow. Did you notice that too?
NICK WATNEY: Yeah, definitely. It's very, very sticky and a bit longer than normal, which actually makes it more difficult because it's so slow and then so fast once it gets on the green. So it's just a bit tougher.

Q. Is that something that you guys kind of figured out early, was it somebody's mistake that kind of pointed it out?
NICK WATNEY: Well, we noticed it in the practice round, I practiced with Adam on Monday and we noticed that they were a bit longer, but we thought maybe they would get mowed down once the Tournament came. But they left them a little long.

Q. How touchy is that when you are stuck in that position? Is it more now you got to chip it over the fringe or?
NICK WATNEY: Yeah, it's just a -- it's just not as easy to putt it through it and that's been kind of the go to, if it was a difficult chip, you know, it would be fairly easy to putt through. But now it being so slow and so fast once it gets on the green it's a little tricky.

Q. How did you like playing with Adam?
NICK WATNEY: I enjoy playing with him. It was great. I just need to have some of that swing ingrained in my mind.

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