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April 7, 2011

David Chung


DAVID CHUNG: It was a lot of fun.

Q. You got it to 3- or 4-under today?
DAVID CHUNG: I got to 2-under.

Q. What was that experience like?
DAVID CHUNG: Well, actually the course didn't play that hard today because there were some receptive pins and there wasn't much wind. I got a nice tee time this morning. I was fortunate for that. The greens were good. The one thing I did very well today is I birdied three of the four par-5s, which if you can score out here -- kind of play it safe and go for another birdie on the par-4s, but played the rest even.

Q. How did you keep your emotions in neutral?
DAVID CHUNG: You know, as possibly intimidating as it might be playing a major, it's just another round of golf, and I've played so many tournament rounds in my life, that it's just the same process, really. You're just hitting a golf ball onto the fairway, then the green, then the putt, at Augusta.

Q. What did Schreiber say to you to decompress you?
DAVID CHUNG: He was just telling some bad jokes.

Q. Anything you can repeat?
DAVID CHUNG: No (laughing).

Q. Your coach said that the first hole calmed you, you made a nice par save on No. 1?
DAVID CHUNG: Yeah, I did. I pulled my drive a little bit left and it went into the trees, and I had an escape shot that went well, and I made a nice up-and-down. So it calmed the nerves to know that the putter and the chipper were doing well. It was very calming effect to par the first one. It was a very good start.

Q. How long a putt was your par putt at 1?
DAVID CHUNG: It was five feet, just straight, and I hit it dead center, so it was a confidence builder for sure.

Q. Can you talk about the nine-footer on 15?
DAVID CHUNG: Right, I only made three birdies on the par-5s. I made one on 8 and I made one on 13 and 15, and 13 and 15 I went for in two and was greenside on 15 and I hit it on the green on 13, and I had a nice putt on 8. That's what you have to do, take advantage of the par-5s out here.

Q. Did you have a Masters moment out there where you went, I'm actually here?
DAVID CHUNG: Yeah, I think it struck me when I hit my drive a little bit right on 7 and it kicked down into the fairway, but I had 230 yards to the hole on 7, and that green is very shallow, as you know, and I was approaching my shot, and I said, where among those 5,000 people behind the green -- you couldn't see anything but the people. The flag was pretty much hidden, as well, and I hit a nice shot up there like 15 feet. So that was my Masters moment for today.

Q. What did you hit in there?
DAVID CHUNG: I hit a hybrid.

Q. 230?

Q. Your coach said 240.
DAVID CHUNG: Okay, I'll go with that.

Q. How did it compare -- you've pictured this for many years. How did it compare to what you've imagined it would be like?
DAVID CHUNG: It was surreal out there. I mean, I've never played in front of a crowd this big, and the first hole I had a chip shot, and the crowd was standing about four feet from me, like close enough where the chip shot actually could have hit them. It's very different from playing a college tournament where the only one following you is a college coach. In that regards it was much different, but at the same time it was really cool because if you hit a good drive or a good shot, then everybody -- you had the oohs and the aahs and it was very rewarding, as well.

Q. Your coach is here from Stanford, Conrad Ray. How big is your entourage today?
DAVID CHUNG: Well, I have a lot of good friends from back home at my club that came down here, and so I look around in the crowd and see a few of them. My college coach and my former assistant coach are here, so it's great to look in the crowd and see familiar faces for sure. It's calming.

Q. How many do you think total?
DAVID CHUNG: Probably 20, 30, something like that.

Q. What did you think of your round overall?
DAVID CHUNG: I was very happy. I thought I didn't really waste any shots except for 17 and 18, and on 17 Alex hit a putt from the top where he had a birdie putt, and he was kind of long and left, and his putt broke left when we thought it would break right. So I had about a five-footer down the hill, and I played it to break left, and for some reason it went right. It's just the mysterious greens out here. And then I hit just a bad drive.

Q. You got it past the two big trees but it looked like you hit a third tree?

Q. Yeah.
DAVID CHUNG: I guess. I kind of screwed up my lay-up shot, and it went backwards, and so I was hoping to have about 100 yards, I ended up with about 120 more than that.

Q. Is it Highland Country Club?
DAVID CHUNG: Highland Country Club.

Q. Do you have any tests or anything back at Stanford that you have to prepare?
DAVID CHUNG: We're currently in the second week of school, so I'll have a good bit of catching up to do for sure.

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