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April 7, 2011

Sandy Lyle


Q. 1-over par, 73, how do you feel with about that one?
SANDY LYLE: Well I bogeyed the first hole which is obviously putting a bit of pressure on yourself, but I scrambled away most of the day. Short game was really sharp. Putting was, did me no harm at all.
But it was a little scrappy, I must say. I hit a lot of poor shots in places, but it's not all about knocking the pins out, I just played a survival game today and I was very pleased to get around in 1-over in the end.

Q. Everyone I spoke to in advance of the tournament said they expected the course to get that much firmer and faster today. Did it get that much firmer?
SANDY LYLE: No, no, my drive on the last hole virtually stopped within about five feet of landing. It was so soft and the bull dug in and I actually had mud on the ball in the end.
I think probably by Saturday it will really start to get a bit of fire in the fairways. But the greens are, you know, they're holding, not so bad. I've seen them harder, but I know it can change really rapidly here.

Q. You're the first European to play in 30 Masters, excited about that, how pleased are you to have achieved that goal?
SANDY LYLE: Well it's been a great pleasure in 30 years, it doesn't seem like it. It's gone very, very quick. And I always get a buzz playing here. I still feel at the age of 53 there's a little chance I can still ruffle some feathers out there and today's getting tougher out there.
I know walking up 17 and 18, you really feel it on your legs. And you got to stay fit. But I'm very happy to be in 30 years and I've got a few more years left, just I think.

Q. Good playing today. Well done?
SANDY LYLE: Thank you.

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