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April 6, 2011

Rory Sabbatini


Q. How does the South African contingent look this week?
RORY SABBATINI: Obviously I think it's strong as always. You got Ernie, Retief, Louis, Charl, obviously Tim's having trouble with his wrist, so he's a little unsure, but I think it's looking really good this year.

Q. Tell me about your self.
RORY SABBATINI: No, I'm playing nicely. Just continue to work on the things I needed to work on in the early part of the year, trying to keep your ball in play and try to eliminate big numbers. I think that's going to be key this week, just keep the ball in play.

Q. The course is playing long they say, is that true?
RORY SABBATINI: It's playing very long. There's not a lot of roll out on it, so it's playing kind of slow in the fairways and it's definitely some longer shots into the greens.
But I'm sure by tomorrow, you know how they are with this golf course, they do miraculous things from Wednesday to Thursday, as you know.

Q. Do you think that would favor -- who do you think that might favor of the South African guys?
RORY SABBATINI: Obviously I would to say you have to favor especially the longer hitters, so I think that me, Ernie, and Charl are the three longer South Africans. I definitely think Charl with his mental aspect of the game is phenomenal and I see Louis just has a good all around game. And we'll all know Ernie's record here so it would be nice to see him come through and get himself a Green Jacket.

Q. How important do you think it is in terms of Louis crossing that rubicon and getting a Major win at the end of last year?
RORY SABBATINI: I definitely think it was fantastic for South African golf. It's always seemed like, it's always kind of been there's waves that have come through and Charl and Louis seem to be that next wave.

Q. And you obviously have something to say about that?
RORY SABBATINI: Well, hopefully come late Sunday afternoon I'll be in the middle of things.

Q. Being a betting man would you back yourself?
RORY SABBATINI: I would say I'm liking my chances this week. I'm hitting the ball well, my short game feels very good, but especially mostly important is my putting is feeling really good. So on this course that's the key.

Q. That's what I thought. One last question: Has this course changed very much or is it still pretty much what it was?
RORY SABBATINI: There have been two very subtle changes that no one would actually pick up unless somebody told you.
They have taken 17 on the back right they have kind of made it just a touch wider, so they have got that, the traditional Sunday pin back on the back right there.
And then on 11 in the middle left side of it there they kind of leveled it out just a little bit so they put that pin just over the water again.

Q. Yeah, but it's tough everywhere. How was your son's putting stroke?
RORY SABBATINI: He didn't want to cooperate too well. I tried to get him to kick it, but he's was being a little uncooperative. I think he was having just a lot of fun jumping around.

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