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April 2, 2011

Angela Stanford


THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome Angela Stanford. Angela, thanks for coming in. Good round today, 5-under 67. Can you tell me about your round and how you feel going into tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I finally found the bottom of the cup. The last two days I feel like I've been all around it. Hit 15 greens yesterday, so you know, I've had a ton of good looks.
And today, the first couple of putts for birdie were straight. So maybe that was the key. Finally found the straight putts on these greens. So I think, you know, I don't know. I just felt comfortable out there. I don't know. It was just one of those days that everything kind of goes your way.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about how conditions were different today than the first two days? Obviously the wind was up. It's a little cooler. Does that make it easier or harder out there?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I think the wind usually changes things. I was surprised that we made it through nine holes before it started blowing. I kept thinking, what's going on, where is the wind.
So you know, and that was some of it starting out. I thought, well, if it's not going to blow, we better take our opportunity here and get some birdies and maybe try to climb the leaderboard before it does start to blow. And when we made the turn on No. 10, I've never had a lob wedge into No. 10. So I think the wind makes a big difference, especially when it's so dry out there.

Q. So do you think for the leaders that are still out there, it may be a little tough?
ANGELA STANFORD: I don't know. I think 10 green was really firm. I mean I would like to say yes, but I don't know.

Q. And could you just talk a little bit about what it would mean to really challenge for a major at this point in your career tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, that's why we're out here. I mean I've always said players' careers are judged by the number of majors they win. So the four that we have on our schedule are the ones that everybody wants to win.
So this one would be -- I said I want to win this one and an Open. No offense to the other two majors, but a U.S. Open, obviously growing up in America you want to win your national championship, but I've grown to love this tournament just because of all the tradition and the leap into the pond. And having all those ladies today playing on the other course, it's pretty cool to have them around, and I really appreciate the tradition and would love to be a part of it.

Q. Angela, most people try and score early so they can protect their score on 15, 16, 17. You did it the other way around today. How do you birdie those three holes in the teeth of this golf course?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, 15, I think it just comes down to having good numbers and having a little bit of luck. 15, we had a really good number that I could be aggressive with that shot. I think sometimes you get in trouble out here because you get in between numbers, and I know I do this. I'm worried about the big bounces that it may take, but 15 we had a good number into that green.
16, I was coming out of the rough and got lucky there. I got a good bounce and it rolled close. And 17, actually hit a really good shot off the tee, the shot I wanted to hit and just lost it right and just got down in the bunker and just tried to hit a good bunker shot and it went in.
Like I said, it's just one of those days that I hit a chip on 10 that if it wouldn't have hit the pin, it would have been 20 feet away. So just a fun day.

Q. The way you were playing two, three years ago, I think most people thought you would have a major title by now. Did you think you would and what do you think has kept you from making that break-through?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think it's just timing. You know, it's not my time. It's the Big Man's time. So obviously I'm not ready to win a major. And I thought I was ready in 2003, and I thank God every day that I didn't win that one because my game wasn't ready for what followed.
So you know, I think it's all in good time, and you know, if tomorrow's not my time, then I'm going to keep trying because I know deep down that I will win a major. Just don't know when.

Q. Why was your game not ready if you had won back then?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I think my ball striking at the time, just a lot of different things. I wasn't mature enough. I think it's harder after you win a major because all of a sudden there's all these expectations. You're a major winner, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don't think I would have been ready for that.
So now I understand the game a little more. I understand the expectations, and obviously you can tell because I did have a pretty good year in '03, and '04 and '05 weren't. I feel like I'm a little smarter now, but you never know.

Q. Speaking of possibly winning tomorrow, have you thought about your jump into Poppy's Pond?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think about my jump like even when I'm not here.

Q. Oh, you do?
ANGELA STANFORD: Just all the time.

Q. Do you dream about it, too?
ANGELA STANFORD: Oh, yeah. You gotta think these things through, even though I would think that if it actually happens, I don't know if all your dreams -- I think you're probably living in a very surreal moment, so I don't know if I'm going to follow what I've been dreaming about.

Q. So you don't know if you'll follow your actual programmed idea?
ANGELA STANFORD: There is no telling. I might go off the bridge.

Q. Yani is obviously playing very well. Does that change the way players have to approach a Sunday when a player is hot like that?
ANGELA STANFORD: No. I mean I think you gotta make as many birdies. I can understand your question because I think in the past you see people get to the top of the leaderboard and you think, well, you know, if they shoot even or 1-under, it's fine, but the way ladies play out here today, just seems like you gotta make as many birdies as possible.
So I think Yani is not really -- my opinion of Yani, I don't think she's really thinking about protecting anything. I think she just wants to birdie every hole. So I guess I better birdie every hole and find a few extra to catch her.

Q. Three hours from now are you going to think about the first 17 holes or the 18th hole?
ANGELA STANFORD: Probably the 18th hole, just because that's the way I work. You know, that third shot confuses me. I cannot explain to you why on 15 today I hit my gap wedge 110 yards, and then just then on 18 I hit it 89 yards. I can't figure out that third shot. It drives me nuts. So I'll probably still be thinking about that.
THE MODERATOR: Any more questions? Thank you, Angela.

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