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March 31, 2011

Josh Teater


MARK STEVENS: Josh, Teater, you got to 7-under on the first round. If you want to talk about the highlights of your bogey-free round and we'll take some questions.
JOSH TEATER: I think the highlights was the start. I birdied the first three holes, and especially on 10 and 11 I made, you know, 25-footer or maybe even longer on the 11th and hit one fairly close on 12. And when you start out with three 3's, that's pretty good. Then I didn't play the par-5s very well, you know, I had one birdie and I had long-sided bunker shots on three of the four and didn't birdie any of those. I guess, you know, I guess now that I realize I had three 3s and two 2s on that back-9, my first 9. Lot of highlights and it was a great day out there for sure.
MARK STEVENS: Thank you. Questions.

Q. Talk about the course. Seems like it's been pretty accommodating. Folks really firing at pins today.
JOSH TEATER: It's in perfect shape. Everybody here at Redstone. It's my second trip. It's great again as it was last year. A friend of mine told me four, five years ago, we played a pretty good course on the Hooters Tour, and he said, "You don't make putts here, it's your own fault." The same here. These are maybe the best greens I've putted on.

Q. Was there one shot that kind of defined the round for you?
JOSH TEATER: Making that 20, 25-footer on the first hole was nice. I hadn't seen a whole lot of those go in this year, and then to do it again on the second hole and -- but, you know, most shots were great.

Q. Any significance with the shirt?
JOSH TEATER: I'm trying to wear some blue everyday, you know, being a Kentucky guy and UK here in the Final Four.

Q. Have you kind of adopted that team? You went to Morehead, didn't you?
JOSH TEATER: I did go to Morehead, but I was a Kentucky fan well before Morehead. I grew up in Lexington and, you know, I followed them thick and thin. And I got tickets actually to the Final Four about five weeks ago, and at that point didn't really think that they would be here. So they kind of got hot, and it's going to work out good.

Q. Did you cross paths with Jimmy Walker much playing the Nationwide?
JOSH TEATER: I think yesterday was the first time I met Jimmy. We had a sponsors function for Shell yesterday, but I was out here last year and saw him here. We never got paired together or played any practice rounds.

Q. You birdied 16, correct?
JOSH TEATER: Yes, I did.

Q. Seems like all the guys that are coming near the lead birdied 16. The hole can't be that easy.
JOSH TEATER: No. It was a good yardage, I think it was a 6-iron I hit, just a perfect stock 6-iron and not a whole lot of wind, you know. The pin was on the right, and I was really trying to aim, you know, 10, 15 feet left of it. And I got away with one there, pushed it just a little bit and had a 3-footer.
MARK STEVENS: Anything else, Guys? Okay. Thanks a lot, Josh. Good luck the rest of the week.

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