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March 29, 2011

Marvin Odum

Steve Timms


BURT DARDEN: Ladies and gentlemen, if I can have your attention,,please. We're going to have some good news for you very shortly. After the comments are made, then we will break up for one-on-one. So now I'd like to introduce Mr. Steve Times, Tournament Director, Shell Houston Open, and President and CEO of the Houston Golf Association.
STEVE TIMMS: Thank you, Burt. Welcome everyone. I want to recognize a couple of folks who are with us, Paul Goydos, veteran of the PGA TOUR and also a member of the Policy Board. Paul, thank you for being here. And 2008 Shell Houston Open champion, Johnson Wagner. Welcome, Johnson.
Also, Julie Tyson is here from the PGA TOUR. She's the Vice-President of Title Sponsor Relations. She's back here. Welcome, Julie.
This is the 65th anniversary of the Houston Golf Association. We've been promoting golf at all levels since we started 65 years ago. Sixty-three stagings of the PGA Tour events, U.S. Open, Ryder Cup, PGA TOUR Championships on the professional level but also at the grass roots level. We've been promoting Junior Golf since 1957.
We have a growing First Tee Program, two green grass facilities, First Tee of Greater Houston. 140 elementary schools are participating in our First Tee National School Program which is 70,000 elementary students this year that will be impacted through the great First Tee Program.
Most importantly, our promotion of golf has allowed us to make a positive impact on thousands of kids here in the local community. You know, that's how we measure our success year-in and year-out.
In 1991, a lot of you in the room will remember we experienced some adversity, had a little rain in our first attempt at staging the Houston Open and then decided to do it again in the Fall. So we did two that year.
But out of that adversity really was created a great opportunity because at that time, Shell Oil Company came to us and in 1992 they became our title sponsor and, through their support, they've provided us with great stability in our efforts to continue to impact the community in a positive way.
Without their challenging us ever year to continue to raise the bar in what we're doing for the local community, you know, we might not have been able to do the things that we've done in terms of the total charitable impact.
So, with that, now it's my pleasure to introduce the President of Shell Oil Company Mr. Marvin Odum.
MARVIN ODUM: Thank you. As Steve said, in 1992 Shell became the title sponsor of Houston's PGA Tour event and that was the beginning of what we now call the annual Shell Houston Open. Over the last 20 years the tournament has attracted worldwide attention to the City of Houston and I think more important than that, it's raised $50 million in support of youth-based charities in the Houston area. That support continues to make a huge difference in the lives of over 1 million children.
The success of the tournament would not be possible without the dedication of the Houston Golf Association and the PGA Tour. They have proven that when we work together, anything is possible.
However, we all know there's still a lot of work to do to help the children of the Houston area. And in that spirit, I am very pleased to announce today that Shell has extended its relationship with the Houston Golf Association and the PGA Tour and will remain title sponsor of the Shell Houston Open through the 2017 Tournament.
I can tell you that I am really looking forward to the next couple of days but also to the tournaments over the next number of years as we continue to deliver on this promise to help the children in the Houston area.
Thanks very much, Steve.
STEVE TIMMS: Thank you, Marvin. Obviously great news for us. It's been a great relationship. We're looking forward to many more years with you and all the great things you do for the community. I think now we're going to conclude, that will conclude the remarks and we'll break up for one-on-ones.

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