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March 25, 2011

Chella Choi


THE MODERATOR: I'd like to start it off by getting a few thoughts on your round today.
CHELLA CHOI: I didn't play so well in the earlier part of the round. But my approach and putter started working a little better, and I think that made up a better day.
THE MODERATOR: Do you feel there is any advantage to going out in the morning this morning and getting your round done whereas a lot of the afternoon rounds won't be able to finish?
CHELLA CHOI: Because of the rain delay for three hours this morning, I was a little tired. But it actually gave me more time to prepare and warm-up, and things went well from there.

Q. How did the course play today? Was it longer because it was wet? Can you just describe the conditions?
CHELLA CHOI: It was okay overall. After the shot there wasn't a whole lot of run on the green so I was shooting straight and aiming straight for the pin. And there were a lot of spike marks on the green, but overall it was okay.

Q. And how did you prepare for this season? What was your off-season like and how did you feel coming into the start of this season?
CHELLA CHOI: I think we're seeing the trend of LPGA courses being a little longer now, so I prepare in my off-season on my fitness. I did some yoga. So I look forward to being able to extend my distance and then play well.

Q. Do you feel like that's worked so far? Are you a little longer this year?
CHELLA CHOI: I think it's gotten better, but there's more work to do in the future.

Q. Can you go over your birdies, how long they were and what the longest one was? Any good par saves that maybe helped you along the way as well?
CHELLA CHOI: My shots were a little shaky this morning, but I made about three par saves. I made about three putts that were about four yards and saved par in that situation. And after that, things got better.

Q. Could you go over your birdie putts?
CHELLA CHOI: Six birdies, one bogey.

Q. What are the lengths of birdie putts or what was the longest birdie putt?
CHELLA CHOI: The longest birdie I had was five yards.

Q. What hole was that?
CHELLA CHOI: Sorry, I think it's actually four yards. Everything worked so well for me today, so (laughing).
Hole number 3, yeah. Number 6, two yards. Number 8, one bogey. On hole number 8, I recorded a bogey. I selected the wrong club, and I hit it a little short. Number 9, that was a really tough hole, but I hit my shot really well, and there were about three yards and had a birdie putt for three yards.

Q. What was tough about the hole?
CHELLA CHOI: It's a tri-level green, so it was really difficult for me to really strategize. So that was a tough hole. Number 10, one foot for birdie. And number 11 -- number 13 I hit 7-iron to about four feet. And number 14, six feet. I think that's it, yeah.

Q. What was your overall impression of the course and did you hear about it, and was it as tough as you heard it was?
CHELLA CHOI: The course was wet today so it was playing a little longer than it did yesterday.
As I mentioned earlier, there were some spike marks on the greens so that was tough. But at the same time I was able to be a little more aggressive and shoot and aim straight for the pin, so that was actually good.

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