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March 25, 2011

Sergio Garcia


Q. A far different on Friday than Thursday. Talk about conditions out there.
SERGIO GARC√ćA: It's hard to believe that you can have such a windy day on Thursday and then the next day as calm as it was today.
So it was definitely a little bit easier to score today. It was -- you were able to go to some of the pins. Yesterday was just trying to hit greens and make pars and things like that. Yeah, I guess it was a good, solid day for us, and we are -- like I said last week, we are just showing improvements, which is always positive.

Q. Your fans are really enjoying this resurgence in your game and wondering where you are mentally. You have to be feeling pretty good about things right now.
SERGIO GARC√ćA: You know, it feels good. Obviously I'm playing better. I'm able to do a lot of things better than I've been doing lately. I said it last week and I said it this week; it's a working process. It's getting there. It feels better but it's still not finished.

Q. Talk about the eagle on 16, distances.
SERGIO GARC√ćA: I hit a really nice drive. We had 190 to the pin, a little bit of breeze down off the right and we hit 7-iron, a nice shot just right of the pin to probably, I don't know, 16, 18 feet and holed that.

Q. Do you feel your confidence is coming back?
SERGIO GARC√ćA: Definitely. There's obviously confident coming back; if not, I would not be able to hit some of the shots I'm hitting. Obviously we are not 100 percent, but you know, we are slowly getting there. So it feels good to be able to shoot these kind of rounds.

Q. Where do you still feel like you need to smooth off a few rough edges? Or do you just need a few more rounds, is it something you just need more play?
SERGIO GARC√ćA: Yeah, I think as you go on, you kind of get used to the situations a bit more. Yeah, there's obviously a couple of things here and there that we need to improve on, and you know, mainly just kind of try to stay aggressive and try to do the right things.

Q. Other guys talk about being in a process, you talk about you're not a hundred percent yet; are you making changes either in your swing or some changes you are trying to apply out here now?
SERGIO GARC√ćA: No. I mean, I'm going with some sensations and they feel good, but it's not -- I'm not changing my swing. I'm trying to improve it, which is what I've been trying to do for -- you know, it's what you kind of do for your whole career, try to keep getting better and better. But it's not like I'm swinging this way and I'm going to swing totally the opposite way. It's not that big of a deal.

Q. Tweaks, like just little --
SERGIO GARC√ćA: Yeah, just little things here and there that you try to see how they feel, to see if they feel good when you swing, if they help you do what you want to do with the ball and things like that.

Q. Some players spend a lot of time looking at film and analyzing their swing. Do you do that or do you use the sensation, the feeling?
SERGIO GARC√ćA: Not at all. I've looked at videos once in awhile, but very, very rarely. I'm more about feeling the shot I want to hit and feeling the swing. You know, if it feels good to me, it looks good.

Q. Do you come from this direction -- people in other sports sometimes when they look at themselves is on film it --
SERGIO GARC√ćA: Can they see -- for me it can, I don't know for other people. Everybody is different. Some people like ice cream without sauce and others like it with sauce.

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