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September 20, 2002

Rosie Jones

Cristie Kerr


MODERATOR: All right. Start with congratulations on your win today.

ROSIE JONES: Thank you.

Q. Start taking turns talking about what you thought about the match and turning points on the match and how you played as a team.

ROSIE JONES: Well, I will start, since I am the oldest. We really got off to a really good start against Paula and Laura. Cristie birdied the first two holes. It really just put a lot of pressure on them right from the beginning, and she actually birdied the sixth hole, as well, just to add salt to the wound, and it was really a lot of fun to watch her.

And I was kind of ho-humming it, I wasn't really helping out a lot until 8 and 9, when I made a couple birdies, so we really played well together as far as, you know, she was hot on these holes, I was hot on those holes, and then -- to me it just felt like we played steady golf on the back side. We had two more birdies, but lost some shots coming in to some spectacular play.

CRISTIE KERR: I birdied -- what hole?


CRISTIE KERR: 12, because Paula made the putt for bird and I knew I had to make it, so that was kind of something that really just kept the momentum going kind of in our favor.

ROSIE JONES: Definitely.

Q. Cristie, can you talk about being a rookie and coming out of the gates with two straight birdies.

CRISTIE KERR: I think I went a little unconscious there for a while, and then kind of lost my rhythm a little bit. I wasn't nervous tremendously all day. My heart rate was pretty high.

But I learned a lot from Rosie, and it was fun to watch her and hit some great shots out there, and it was a good learning experience for me today, and I am glad we pulled out the win.

Q. What was going through your mind when Laura was just sort of going off at the end?

ROSIE JONES: Well, she eagled 10, and -- from the rough with a driver, a driver from the rough, put it up there probably about 18 feet or 20 feet from the back and made the putt for eagle.

And -- you know, but at that point we are four up, and so, you know, they are going to win a hole every now and then, and that's the way I feel about it, you know, they are going to win a hole at some point, just got to remember, we are three up and we still got some birdies in us.

And I think we played really well. We had a lot of chances for birdies, keep the pressure on them out there, and 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

CRISTIE KERR: We hit some good putts, it's just with the shadows late in the day, it's tough to read exactly how much break there was in some of those putts, but we hit good putts, so we could have closed it out earlier, but it didn't go that way.

Q. When she made the putt on 17 and the shot on 18, I mean, I guess you just have to concentrate harder or -- I am not sure, but --

ROSIE JONES: Well, my job was to focus on getting four and let -- make sure that my second shot was safe, that I had the ability to have a birdie putt.

And Cristie hit a good enough drive that she could go for it. I think she hit it a little higher than what she wanted, but it ended up right in the front of the green. I felt like she was pretty sure to make the four.

And once I knew Laura was in the water, I kind of counted her out, and -- but I know better than that, because I should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever count Laura Davies out of anything.

CRISTIE KERR: And she hit it up there 3 --

ROSIE JONES: She hits it up there 10 feet and makes a putt for bird out of the water.

CRISTIE KERR: That was another eagle off her second ball. It was unbelievable to watch. She is obviously one of the greatest Solheim Cup players ever, and she played really really, really well. She made the shots when she had to to keep her team in it.

Paula played really well, too, and she made -- she birdied 17 and 18, you know, she made some putts. She hit good shots.

Q. This is just one more, Rosie. The last -- the very last putt, just exactly how long was it, and for all of us weekend hacks, how do you block everything out and make it?

ROSIE JONES: Well, at this point when we were at 18th tee box, she made the bird on 17, and I just reminded Cristie, I said, "Cristie, just remember, we are 1 up and we are going to win this match."

And I carried that all the way through, you know, the four shots that I wanted to make, and when I got up to that last putt, I was clear in what my line was, I just stuck with my routine, made sure I stuck with my routine, and right in the heart.

Q. How long?

ROSIE JONES: About four feet, five feet; four or five feet.

Q. Rosie, since you are the oldest, in all your years, how many players have you seen hit drivers out of the rough 270 yards onto a green, and, also, when she hit that drive on 18, did you think there was any way that was going to reach the water?

ROSIE JONES: Well, I really thought it was --

CRISTIE KERR: I thought it was perfect.

ROSIE JONES: I thought it was trouble, trees, but I am not hitting the ball so far, I am not looking at the golf course the way she does, or her (indicating Cristie Kerr), either, for that matter.

CRISTIE KERR: I thought she was fine, though, I thought she was right in front of the water, and when we got up there, I was pretty surprised she was in the water.

ROSIE JONES: Well, we heard from the radios she was in the water, so you kind of breathe easier from there.

CRISTIE KERR: Until she hit her next shot.

ROSIE JONES: Yeah. And so I forgot, what was the question?

Q. How many players through the years have you --

ROSIE JONES: Oh, none, one, her, that's it, she is the one and only. Maybe Sophie can do something like that, but Laura Davies is really hitting her driver from anywhere very well right now.

CRISTIE KERR: And she is making putts against us.

ROSIE JONES: A couple years ago she wasn't driving it well and she wasn't putting it well. Well, she is back. Laura is back.

MODERATOR: Guys, we have time for one more question. The players are going to catch the team bus.

Q. What's the atmosphere like between the teams, bearing in mind the Ryder Cup next week? Are you all getting along, good spirit?

ROSIE JONES: I think so. Everybody was very pleasant, cordial, spirited in -- you know, we don't see each other very much, really, we just see ourselves on the golf course. And, actually, I haven't seen any of the players around the hotel, around the facility here during the practice rounds. I mean, really just kind of bumping into each other walking out of the locker room.

CRISTIE KERR: It was good. Each of us, the Europeans and us, obviously, we said "Good shot" to each other all day. It was really a great match as far as from a sportsmanship standpoint.

ROSIE JONES: I think I made Laura put one putt that she probably was --

CRISTIE KERR: On the hole that -- on 16?

ROSIE JONES: Yeah. And someone told me "Never give anyone a putt on that hole," someone from the club here.


ROSIE JONES: Yeah, or 17. There is a lot of holes like that. But as far as how we are getting along, very, very sportsmanlike.

MODERATOR: Okay. Thanks, ladies.

End of FastScripts....

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