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March 24, 2011

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: Greens are a little bumpy in the afternoon. I was surprised how much water they put on them, because of obviously the wind. And the guys played well this morning. So most of the low scores, except for Spencer this afternoon, most of the low scores were not morning and hopefully we can do the same thing tomorrow.

Q. Is it an advantage or disadvantage to go back at it tomorrow morning?
TIGER WOODS: Well, the wind is supposed to die down and we are supposed to have very calm wind tomorrow. Hopefully we can get ahold of it and get some good scoring conditions.

Q. You talked about struggling in the wind in Dubai; this was a very big wind test, how do you feel you did?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I didn't drive the ball very well at all today, early, and then towards the end I hit pretty good.
But I hit my irons well all day. That wasn't a problem.
The greens, it was really hard to stay steady out there. It's one thing to have it windy but it was actually gusty, and I had a hard time with the putter going back straight. And Dustin and Gary and I were talking about that most of the day; it's really hard to hit the ball the right speed.

Q. Did you a sense of what a good score would be out there today? It looked like you stayed patient in this group of bombers; that may have been a little tougher to do.
TIGER WOODS: I think even par to under par would have been a good score this afternoon. Spencer obviously played well. But most of the low scores were this morning, so I'm still right there in the ballgame.

Q. Are these conditions, the wind, as rough as you remember here?
TIGER WOODS: I don't think I've played it -- I played it obviously this windy, but with the greens being new, it was certainly tough, and they got a little a bit chewed up in the afternoon here. Gary and Dustin hit some beautiful putts that were bouncing off-line. It was a tough day.

Q. Was it a pretty good day considering the fairways you were missing?
TIGER WOODS: Didn't drive it well starting out and then it I got a hold of that. Hit my irons well all day. And on the greens, it was just tough to take the putter back straight because the wind was gusty and it was tough to get the right speed.

Q. Do you think you got the most out of the round given the conditions?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it would have been nice to end up on par the last hole. That always leaves kind of a bad taste in the mouth, making a bogey on the last hole.
But overall I'm still right there in the ballgame. Nobody went low except for Spencer. Most of the good scores were in the morning; so hopefully we can do it tomorrow morning.

Q. You're always such a good wind player and you enjoy playing in the wind. Is that still the case, or is it tougher with the swing changes?
TIGER WOODS: It's a lot tougher. I hit the ball -- as I said, I didn't drive the ball well early but I hit my irons well all day. That wasn't a problem at all. They were the right distance, right shape, right traj; so that wasn't a problem.

Q. How happy were you with the putting?
TIGER WOODS: It's hard, man, it's just hard to stay steady. The wind -- it's one thing to have the wind blowing 20, 30 miles an hour, that's fine. But it was actually gusty, and we were talking pretty much all day about it. It was hard to get the putter actually going back straight and through, because it's moving all over the place.

Q. You made a lot of those par saves from a long distance, though, on the front nine?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I made a few putts early. But I was just trying to get the right pace. That's all I was trying to do was just make sure I get the right pace and not let myself pass the hole.
And I had one 3-putt there where it was so gusty that I was leaning into the wind, it let up, and I hit it hollow and then the next one, I did the same thing.

Q. Was that a tough lie on the second shot on 18, was that as good as --
TIGER WOODS: That was as good as I could do, yeah. If I hit it -- if it came out perfect, I can get to the front. But then, no big deal, I'd leave it where I left it.

Q. What were you struggling with off the tee?
TIGER WOODS: Just getting the right move. I felt comfortable with my irons doing it. But then on the back nine, I hit that tee shot down 12, and that was pretty much it. Then I hit the ball well coming in.

Q. You backed off the putt on 18 --
TIGER WOODS: Well, the wind blew my putter. It blew it straight out. That's why I backed off, and regrouped. I did it twice over there on 13, same deal. Backed off a couple of times, because I was leaning into the wind, it had let up, or I take the putter back and it would move all over the place. Just had to time it right.

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