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March 24, 2011

Lee Janzen


Q. Can you believe the number you made at 16 last year was a birdie but today an eagle; very nice round out there today?
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, I can certainly look at my round today and I did a lot of good things. A few mistakes I would like to correct, and continue to do the other good things and continue to putt. I had a really good day putting. That's really where the scoring is, no matter how you're hitting it, you have to putt well to shoot good scores and to contend.
So I'm happy with the way I putted, with the way I chipped, with the way I battled, and I feel good a lot of the parts of my game. But there's some mistakes I need to eliminate.

Q. Is it a day where patience was important; how do you think your experience factored into that?
LEE JANZEN: I think it's helped living here and having played Bay Hill so many times and seen it in so many different weather conditions. I think that provides some comfort, or at least not -- lessens the anxiety of the unknown. And I do have experience. I think I'm older than most of the guys in the tournament -- there are a few guys older than me. Rich Beam, Kenny Perry; Paul Goydos I found out is older than me.
I hit it to the right half of the green, so I missed on my yardage and my direction. I didn't hit it solid. Basically, it's the same poor swing.

Q. What adjustment have you made to your game to play well in really hard conditions?
LEE JANZEN: Well, I think playing in the wind is good. I think probably it suits me better than not playing in the wind although I think everybody wants to play in perfect conditions, just living in Florida and what I've worked on my swing with Mike Bender, I think it's helped me become a better wind player. I never minded playing in the wind but I have a better shot in the wind now. So it doesn't bother me.
Today the difference really in the score is that I putted better. I probably didn't hit it as good today as I've hit it in a lot of rounds the last couple of years, but just a matter of making putts, which I have not done much of. And it's not for lack of trying or practice or anything else.
So hopefully whatever it is I'm doing, I can just keep doing it. All you have to do is hit it on the right line with the right speed and it will go in.
I've worked on my putting and aiming and hitting where I'm aiming, because, you know, if you're not making putts, you have to address, are you aiming properly and if you are, are you hitting where you're aiming. Most people make adjustments in their putting stroke, if you want to nitpick, most people don't read enough break and either push or pull slightly.

Q. Did the wind pick up as the round went on?
LEE JANZEN: I would say it's blowing harder now than it was off the first hole. I hit a 3-wood in the water on 11, down the left side of the fairway and went about 310 rolled in the water. You would have to really do some research to see if I've ever shot under par with three waterfalls. In '95 here, I hit a bunch of balls in the water that year, too, and made the cut. I didn't finish that good, but I won THE PLAYERS Championship a couple of weeks later.

Q. What did you have left for your second shot on 6? That was the one I said 8, I meant 6.
LEE JANZEN: I had 219 front. Same thing, I was just trying to hit it -- I wasn't going anywhere near the pin, if I was out here playing Robert Damron for five bucks, I might hit it at the pin. But the idea was to hit it at the right half of the green and keep it there with a little wind and the club I had, I would have avoided all the trouble and I would have given myself a good chance of getting near the hole and make a four and hit a bad shot. I just hit a bad shot.

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