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March 20, 2011

Brittany Lincicome


THE MODERATOR: Brittany, I guess just take us through the 18th hole.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Of course you're going to go straight to that hole. I don't know. I mean I was nervous, obviously. I had no idea where I was on the leaderboard. I actually managed to not look at one leaderboard the whole entire day, which was pretty good, just so I didn't get overly nervous.
Hit a decent drive. I mean it was left of where I was going, but it was a perfect angle. Second shot in I was trying to hit it about 115 yards and landed it about I'd say a yard too short. Just didn't get up quite the way I anticipated it.
Chipping is something that I've struggled with my whole entire life. Chipping's been I wouldn't say awful, but it's definitely not good my whole entire life. So doesn't surprise me that that chip didn't work out too well. But hit a great putt. I thought that putt was going to go in, just a little bit more speed and it would have held its line.
But it's golf, I guess. I was just trying to -- this week was more kind of a learning, okay, let's see what the game is kind of doing, go to LA, a little bit closer and obviously get ready for Kraft. So play well here, you can only look up from here and get better.
THE MODERATOR: Obviously a bummer not to get the trophy, but it's still a pretty big check for the charity. Where is that going to go?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: The First Tee of St. Pete. It's a charity that we've actually done a golf tournament the past three years for, and I'm on the board. And it's just great getting kids involved with golf and seeing their little faces get excited when they hit the ball for the first time.
So it's just for parents that can't afford to put their child in golf, so it's really a great charity. And the gentleman who runs it kind of sent me a text this morning about what they would do if they had all the money if I won, and they're going to build a building and teaching area, and it's going to be really cool.

Q. Was it difficult to get a distance on the 18th hole, because I noticed that Karrie came up short there and Paula Creamer came up short there? All of you were kind of in the same situation and came up short on that approach shot. Was there anything tricky about it?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Possibly. No, it actually should have been a perfect number. Was trying to just hit it smooth, and it was pretty amped up, obviously, being in the last group, last hole. So I anticipated it to kind of jump or fly a little bit further, and it just really didn't do that. I still feel like I hit it perfect. If I went back and did it again, it would be the same club, just maybe hit it a little bit harder, I guess, but really a perfect number, perfect club. Just didn't jump the way I thought it did.

Q. Can you talk about what happened on 11 where you were kind of all over the place and chipped it in, or pitched it in?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: That was my luck this week. I was in four divots this week. I get in big trouble on the bunkers all the time. It seems I'm either like plug driver in the bunker occasionally. Bunkers really don't like me. So I got up there and the ball was literally like an inch from going in the bunker, so no stance, no nothing. Did all I could just to kind of get it back out in the fairway.
I knew I needed to hit it probably 10, 15 yards just to get it somewhere because I was in that exact same spot yesterday and hit 3-wood on the green from 270. So I knew I could get there, and just kind of tried to get it down there as far as I could. And again, that chip was going to go by probably five feet if it didn't go in. But luckily it caught the hole. Karma.

Q. How long has it been your strategy not to look at the leaderboard?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Never look at a leaderboard.

Q. Never do?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Never do, yeah. And Nancy Lopez saw me on 18 and she said, "you need to look at the leaderboard."

Q. So what's your take on that?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I feel like I'm going to get really nervous. Obviously you go out there and if you're close, I knew I needed to birdie every hole. That was my kind of mind frame. It wasn't let's lag this putt up there or anything like that.
You're not trying to bogey holes. I'm trying to birdie every hole, so I don't really feel like -- I guess you could do it every way. But Nancy just said, you need to start looking at the leaderboard and your nerves will kind of build into that and you'll learn, I guess, where you need to be.

Q. So are you going to do that?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Nancy is pretty darn good. (Laughs). I don't think she would steer me wrong, so probably, yeah. (Interruption in Audio).
Vision 54, the sports psychologists. And two girls that I work with followed me all day today, thank goodness, because I probably couldn't have done it without them. Every time I saw them I just kind of smiled and just remembered everything that we work on.
You saw I was doing a lot of one-footed swings out there, one footed putts, just trying to feel balanced and get my tempo back in line. So everything that they're teaching me, just with the breathing, just try and take long, deep breaths, try and slow my heart rate down; to kind of stay in the moment, not to go to the past or present -- more present, not to the future. Just everything that they're doing is paying off tremendously.

Q. How were your nerves over that last chip and the putt?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: The chip, I didn't feel too bad because I kind of had it in my mind, for some strange reason, that Cristie Kerr was already running away with it. I don't even know where I finished. She finished, I hardly knew who won, just from the crowd.
But every time I looked like they were cheering for her, so I just assumed she was birdieing. I thought she birdied 18 and like 16. So over the chip I wasn't really too nervous. I was like, oh, just get it up-and-down and we'll see what happens kind of an attitude, and the putt obviously I was very, very nervous; and actually felt like I hit a great putt, just needed to hit it a little harder.

Q. So how long have you been working with Vision 54?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: It's actually funny. I worked with them for 30 minutes before I won Kraft in '09, and then I went here to Arizona the week after Kraft and worked with them, so 2009. March of 2009.

Q. So do you get a sense that you'll ever graduate from something like that?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Eventually. I mean it's just reteaching the mind. The mind likes to remember all the negatives and the bad shots. I'm just trying to remember -- they asked me today like, what was your best shot? And I'm like, gosh, I don't even remember. I had a bunch of them.
So it's just -- I mean it's something that's going to take some time. It's like the golf swing. There's people who actually work on their golf swing, I guess, but they're always tinkering with things. Even Tiger Woods still takes golf lessons. It's something that I'll constantly be working on probably the rest of my career.

Q. Did you offer any encouragement or say anything to Angela when it was over, the tough day that she had?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. No. We're not friends anymore. So -- yeah.

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