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March 20, 2011

Webb Simpson


COLIN MURRAY: Thanks for joining us, tough finish. I know not the result you were looking for, but all in all I've got to think a lot of positives to take out of the week.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, there were. You know, all in all, my game was pretty sharp this week. I didn't make that many mistakes. You know, I putted great. I think inside ten feet we only missed maybe one or two all week, so I was extremely pleased to just give myself a chance today, and I felt great out there and comfortable.
Just one shot short is tough because you're here four days and you work so hard to get -- this opportunity comes not that often, so I'm a little disappointed, but I'm sure looking back I'll learn a lot from it and hopefully have many opportunities to win again.

Q. How tricky was that first putt on 18, or that chip?

Q. The first one, yeah.
WEBB SIMPSON: The chip was extremely tough because back to front that's probably the quickest green by far. So I just didn't hit a very good second shot. I was in between clubs, and looking back I don't know if I hit the right one. I hadn't thought enough about it. But the chip was tough. The last thing I wanted to do was leave myself ten feet above the hole.
And then my 15-footer for par, I just pulled it. I didn't hit a good putt. It never really got on line.

Q. What club did you chip with?

Q. And the club you hit out of the bunker?
WEBB SIMPSON: Pitching wedge.

Q. Second shot?

Q. You were between pitch and --
WEBB SIMPSON: Sand wedge.

Q. Just talk maybe about your short game in general all week, especially today. It really kept you in there.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah. You know, honestly I didn't chip it that great. I made a ton of six-, five-, seven-footers for pars. But just the ball went in the hole this week on the greens. You know, when you putt well, you can kind of do anything else for the rest of your game, and you're going to be -- you're going to have a good week. That's just kind of the way it goes out here.
You know, they cut about two yards of rough so you had that first cut around the greens, which is kind of tricky because the ball can sit down, you get grass behind the ball and this grass is so sticky and it makes for tough chips, especially with the greens fast. But overall I think my up-and-down percentage was really good.

Q. Was that the problem, you didn't get any spin on that chip shot and thought maybe you could?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, I knew it wasn't going to spin. I was trying to play a bump-and-run and it was just a matter of judging the way it was going to come out. I had grass behind the ball, and when it came out I thought it was maybe going to go by six to ten feet, but I think it might have gone by 16 to 18 feet.

Q. It said 20.

Q. That 15- to 20-footer on 18, was that the most nervous you've been over a putt in a long time?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I was nervous, but at the same time I just felt a sense of calmness out there. You get a little more nervous the closer you get to finishing, but you know, I should have focused probably a little more. That's one of the only bad putts I hit all week, and I just happened to pull it. I wasn't exactly sure of my line because the way the sun was coming in it was hard to see the line.
My caddie and I, Paul, we had a similar idea of what the ball was going to do. But I just pulled it, and greens that run this pure, you pull anything it's not going to go in.

Q. Were you keeping track of things on the back nine on the leaderboard, because it was a lot of change going on there.
WEBB SIMPSON: I wasn't at all. We kind of had a game plan to go out there, and there's certain pins you can't fire at. We were saying 17, even if I was three back, you can't go at that pin because a perfect shot is going to land and go over the green. So we just kind of made up our minds we were going to play the way we wanted to play. I asked Paul on the last hole walking up the fairway where we were at, and I knew where I was on the last hole.

Q. You talked about missing only one or two putts from inside ten feet, and that's a good week. Maybe nobody has mentioned this, but Woodland is 17 for 17 inside 20 feet this week. When you hear that number, is there anything you can do but just tip your hat?
WEBB SIMPSON: The only thing I can do is just ask that person to check those stats again because that's incredible. Yeah, I'm happy for Gary. He's a good friend. I've known him for a while, and he's a great champion. He made a big putt at the last, and that's what you've got to do to win out here.

Q. He had almost the same line that you had, but he was able to putt his instead of chip it. If you had been two feet closer, would it have been easier?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it would have been a lot easier to putt it. I hit that putt 20 times in the practice round. I guess I should have chipped it some. But that's not really a place you think you'll be on your third shot.
COLIN MURRAY: Thanks for your time. Great playing.

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