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March 19, 2011

Brendon de Jonge


COLIN MURRAY: Brendon, thanks for joining us today in the interview room here at the Transitions Championship, a bogey-free 66, 12-under, one shot back heading into Sunday. If you could just give us a few thoughts on today's round and thoughts going into tomorrow and we will get to questions.
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, I obviously played nicely today. I drove the ball well which you have to do out here and made a couple of putts. Hopefully more of the same tomorrow.
COLIN MURRAY: Very good. If you would mind going through your birdies and bogeys.
BRENDON DE JONGE: I drove it into one of the fairway bunkers on one, wedged it out and made a birdie there.
Made a good putt on No. 9 for birdie. I hit it close on 10. Made birdie there. Got it up-and-down from just short on 11 for birdie.
I made a long putt on 18. I think that's it.

Q. Talk about the putt on 18, kind of a scary putt down the hill there. What was your putt like?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Actually I was short of the hole. I had almost an uphill putt there, so I was able to be a bit more aggressive. Yeah, you can get some scary putts at that flag.

Q. Were you really trying to make that one?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, as I say, I was putting up the hill; so I had a good look at it.

Q. Getting yourself in this position, obviously over your career, you've been there at times, but probably not as much as you want to. So how do you deal with tomorrow knowing that you're -- I think you're one shot, two shots -- one shot out of the lead?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I think just looking back on past experiences and what I've learned playing in the last groups or been around the lead from previous occasions, and trying to take that and just try to stay within myself.

Q. Do you think it is going to be pretty low out there tomorrow? Do you have a score in mind?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I haven't seen a weather forecast. I think there's supposed to be a little bit more wind, probably the same, going to be warm but a bit more wind tomorrow. I think this golf course, when you get a little bit of breeze, gets very, very tricky because it gets in the big trees and swirls around. So I don't know, I'm not thinking about a number. But it will be a little bit more tricky for sure.

Q. When you say you want to stay within yourself, what does that really mean in execution of golf shots?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Just slow down. When I get around the lead, I get a little bit anxious, human nature. Just start getting a little bit quicker. Take a couple of deep breaths and slow down.

Q. How much does your caddie help in that scenario?
BRENDON DE JONGE: A lot. We are fairly good friends. We have a lot in common, and he's good. He's in my ear just talking about nothing at times, which is nice.

Q. Are you concerned at all about these greens, like putting on your driveway at home at some point here?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, you want to try to keep it below the hole as much as you possibly can out here. It is, it's difficult, but the same for everyone.

Q. What's the best part of your game right now? What's getting you to the top here?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I've driven the ball well all week. I've kept it in play, which obviously you have to out here. I think that's probably the key this week.

Q. Did you feel like you were playing good coming in? Did you make any changes or anything the last couple of months that got you on track this year?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I've played solid all year. I haven't had great results but it's been pretty steady all year. I got myself into contention last week in Puerto Rico, I didn't play very well on Sunday. No, I definitely feel like it's been trending in the right direction.

Q. You had an addition to the family, right?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, seven weeks ago now.

Q. How does that change your mind-set, if at all, when you came back out here?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I think it puts everything in perspective a little bit more. It is our second one, but I think it sort of takes you back and puts it all in perspective; that it is just golf, and there are other things that are a whole lot more important.

Q. Boy? Girl?
BRENDON DE JONGE: A little boy.

Q. Name?

Q. Have you had a chance to do anything exciting and entertaining away from the golf course this week?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Not no, not really. It's been a pretty quiet week. We have a house in Tarpon Springs, so we have been grilling out there every night and taking it easy.

Q. No fishing?
BRENDON DE JONGE: No, I haven't been fishing this week.

Q. Do you like fishing?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I do (broad smile).

Q. I know a guy who wants to talk to you later.

Q. Let's talk about that final birdie, you're on 35 feet, that was nice playing?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, it was. I missed a fairly good chance on 17, so it was nice to get one at the end.

Q. 69-66-66, pretty sporty at this place?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Very much. So it's been nice. I've driven the ball well all week which you have to out here. Set it up nicely.

Q. We have talked over the past couple of years, you're a man of few words but you have to be excited about where you are right now and the opportunity that awaits you tomorrow?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, very much so. Obviously you want to give yourself a chance to win, and I have that opportunity now, and yeah, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. We talked about it before the round today, you like tough golf courses because you're not a birdie machine; and you followed that path today. Conservative approach?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, I picked my spots and made the putts where I had the chances. Try to do more of the same tomorrow.

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