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March 19, 2011

Cristie Kerr


THE MODERATOR: Cristie, thanks for coming in. Do we have any questions? Just general impressions.
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I played very well today. You know, I controlled the golf ball really well. You know, it's starting to play a little tougher out there. The greens are a lot firmer than they were yesterday, even though I played in the afternoon yesterday. You know, an iron downwind is releasing over 20 yards. So it's kind of hard to get the ball close to the hole, so anything in the 60s I think is a good round.
You know, I had some putts that could have gone in, but today was very, very solid. I've been working really hard the last couple weeks and starting to see the turnaround in my game.
And you know, my family is doing well. I had some family issues, health issues with my mom and my dad, and everything's doing better, so everything's starting to turn around a little bit.

Q. You look like you put a lot of work in your conditioning program in the off season, too. Are you looking for a big year this year?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, of course. Always want to be top American, want to be top player in the world. And you know, I changed the way -- I went back to eating the way I ate when I lost all my weight. I cut out bread completely, processed carbohydrates, eating oatmeal and granola now in the morning and fruits, lots of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. I'm feeling a lot better, not getting as many migraine headaches. Cut down on the wine. That's hard, but -- you know, I've trained a lot.
And part of it's stress, too, with a lot of the stuff that's gone on with my parents and even with my dog. My dog's had two surgeries in the last four weeks for his eyes. So it's been kind of stressful, and you know, I just feel like, you know, I'm in a lot better shape, and it's nice to be able to tuck my shirt in again.

Q. Do you feel a little safe there when you're on the course there, from all those stresses that you were talking about? When you're between the ropes is a little bit of sanctuary from that?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah. My golf has always been the thing that I love to do, and it's a different kind of stress inside the ropes than outside. I think for me problems with family or health issues or whatever is a lot more stressful than hitting a 6-iron right of the green or whatever.

Q. You five back of a good player, Angela Stanford, going into tomorrow. 18 holes, is that doable?
CRISTIE KERR: Oh, yeah. It's doable, and if you don't know the history that I've had with that, I mean you can look it up. But you know, I've come from eight back to win tournaments, and seven back, and you know, anything can happen on Sunday.
It's a different feel when you're playing in the last group, especially with the lead because you tighten up and you try and protect it. And you know, I can stick with my game plan. It depends on the pins and the conditions tomorrow, but sure. I mean, you know, anything, you know, five and in is doable.

Q. The diet that you were talking about, was that prescribed by a dietician or nutritionist or just something that you worked out yourself? Were you supplementing it with vitamins, mineral tablets, et cetera?
CRISTIE KERR: Yes. (Laughs). I saw Billy Crystal last night, and I think that's what he would have said.
Yeah, I just got back on the wagon.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Cristie.

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