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August 2, 2001

Tom Pernice, Jr.


JOAN vT. ALEXANDER: We have Tom Pernice. Thank you for joining us. A good round today, 12 points, no bogeys, all birdies and pars. Why don't you make a couple of comments about your round and the course a little bit.

TOM PERNICE: The course is definitely there for the taking. The greens were absolutely beautiful this morning. They were still quick. They were soft and they putted beautifully. I think that's why you see the scores so well. The greens are so perfect out there, plus we had the ball in hands today, with the fairways being so wet. So, those two combinations really added to the scoring. I thought the greens were exceptional, from when I played them on Tuesday they were bumpy and stuff. Today they were perfect. Basically, no bogeys. 3-putted No. 8 for par was really the only major blemish where I thought I had some opportunities. Other than that, I had six birdies. No. 2, I hit a pitching wedge about eight feet and made it for birdie. 5, 7-iron about 12 feet for birdie. 6 was 20 feet for birdie. 8, I 3-putted for par. 9, I hit an 8-iron about to four and a half feet for birdie. 13, I hit 7-iron to about a foot. 17, I hit a 7-iron on the front fringe and chipped it up about a foot.

Q. How much do you think the lift, clean and place contributed to your score?

TOM PERNICE: A little bit. I think the main thing is you don't have to worry about the mud on the ball. There would have been a tremendous amount of mud on the ball. Several drives actually plugged today. I think it was something that they basically had to do or we were going to be playing mud balls today.

Q. You did have mud on your ball?

TOM PERNICE: Oh, I had four or five drives that actually struck and plugged in the ground, a couple came backwards and plugged in the mud. It would have been a different without lift, clean and place. Tomorrow coming, with more rain coming this afternoon, I think it was a wise decision. But, yeah, I think it helps quite a bit. The greens I thought were not slow. If anything, they seemed quicker to me. I saw them double cutting 18 when I had breakfast. To me, the greens seemed a little quicker, and they drained quite well. They were not ridiculously soft. The ball was still releasing. I thought they were fantastic actually.

Q. I watched 14 for a while and it seemed to be awfully slick.

TOM PERNICE: Yeah, the greens definitely are. They were not slow, but I thought they were much quicker than Tuesday. I thought they were noticeably quicker and much smoother today. The drainage is good, so I don't think the rain is going to affected speed or the firmness, but definitely an affect on the fairways. The course is playing longer, no question. In the past playing without any rain, the ball can run quite a ways. There are some holes where I've hit 5-woods off the tee and I'm hitting 3-woods and driver. You're going to hit a lot of fairways and have a lot of opportunities. I think the scoring will be pretty good.

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