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March 18, 2011

Justin Rose


Q. Finishing with a 30 on the back nine, what was going right for you out there today?
JUSTIN ROSE: I sort of had the whole week in perspective I suppose. I knew I wasn't obviously off to a flying start but I knew there was plenty of time left.
So, I stayed patient. And it was one of those sort of times that you get rewarded for thinking the right way. I think it's very easy to get frustrated out here at times, especially on a golf course that's playing easier than normal and you see guys 7-, 8-under, but it was one of those days that I just stuck to my task and turned around.

Q. Your caddie said yesterday it was a better-ball striking day, but just didn't make the putts yesterday.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I'm 7-under and I've sort of really made nothing but I think that bodes well. It's kind of a situation where I'm hitting good-quality putts and not really worried about my stroke. I've changed putters this week. I'm with more of a conventional-style blade putter with no lines on it; so I'm trying to be more instinctive. I feel like I'm threatening the hole from 20, 25 feet more than I have been all year. If I can dial it all in, speed and line, which I've been narrowly missing this week, hopefully on the weekend I'll see some putts going in.

Q. After winning twice last year, what are you thinking about when you're on the golf course now and you see yourself behind?
JUSTIN ROSE: You know, I'm not thinking anything. I'm thinking one shot at a time. I'm thinking about the process. I'm thinking about all of those good things that got me into the winner's circle. You can't force it out here. If you do that, you end up dropping cheap shots and making mental errors and that's what gets you out of the winner's circle.
I feel my game is good enough to be there and I have to stay out of my own way and that's what I'm trying to do.

Q. How would you rate this golf course?
JUSTIN ROSE: Certainly one of my favorites, no doubt about it. This year, it doesn't have the teeth that it's had in the past, but the weather is perfect. That's one of the reasons I put it on my schedule. I knew I was playing well ball-striking-wise coming into the week and I knew it was a course I could do well on.

Q. Name or model?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's a Scottie Cameron, obviously, being a TaylorMade boy. Something I've had in my garage for a few years. I used it in the '08 Masters. I putted nicely at the time. And it's just a different look. I think that's what I needed. I had the Ghost, which had a lot of lines on it and I just thought I was getting a little bit too technical.
Often when you hit a lot of greens, you don't hit as many putts as you feel like you could, but the end of the day I feel like I'm holing out quite well and really that's how you tell if your stroke is good or not or if you're lining up the blade well; so I'm holing out nicely, and the rest is just a little bit of luck and a bit confidence.
But I felt yesterday I was guiding a couple of putts. I hit probably half my putts were good and half my putts were bad and I would say today I really feel like I hit 80 percent good putts today. So I was happy.

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