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March 12, 2011

Adam Scott


Q. Looks as though you had a great spurt in the middle of the round, how do you feel about it overall?
ADAM SCOTT: Very good. Everything was good today. Played well again. Disappointing to bogey 16 the way it's set up. At least I birdied 17 and finished in good shape and I think I'm still within reach tomorrow. So yeah, good day.

Q. Feeling good about your game? Looks good.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, everything is in really good shape, I have to say. Hitting a lot of good shots. There are some really demanding shots out here so I think I've handled it all really well.
I feel good. I just need to get on a hot run for probably nine or ten holes tomorrow to give myself a good chance.

Q. When did you make the decision to go to the long putter and how much did you have to experiment with it before you put it into play?
ADAM SCOTT: I decided the week before the Match Play that I was going to use it. I was comfortable enough, and I had spent the five weeks previous working on it. Yeah, I spent a fair bit of time hitting putts with it.

Q. What have been the drawbacks of anything, or what was the hardest thing to get used to?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, you've got to extend your arm a lot longer to get it out of the bag. (Laughter).
You know, honestly, I didn't find it too difficult. Sure, it took a couple days to really feel comfortable with it, but I felt pretty comfortable with it straightaway. I really have not experienced too many problems with it thankfully, or I don't know where I would turn.

Q. Was there hesitation at first? Obviously a different way to go about it.
ADAM SCOTT: Not really. You know, I pretty much immediately saw how good I was stroking it. It was just a matter of getting good enough with it and confident enough to use it.

Q. I'm not sure if it was an experiment or not, because obviously if you were not putting well with it, I guess you would have to think about going back; do you feel now, is it something you are comfortable with and you would not foresee having a long putter with for a while?
ADAM SCOTT: That I would not foresee? That I would foresee.

Q. Yeah, thank you.
ADAM SCOTT: I think no matter what, I'll be using it for a while. Right now I'm just worrying about each day and not worrying about if I'll putt with a short putter again. Yeah, I did it for a reason, and I can already see that it's -- why I'm doing it. Out there I'm much more comfortable putting from ten feet and in than I have been.

Q. Will it be a help at Augusta?
ADAM SCOTT: I have to think so. I think it's going to be great for me. It's just more enjoyable to play golf feeling somewhat confident on putts from ten feet and in. It's nice to see a ball rolling at the hole at a good speed. You know, I don't feel like it's that much of an effort for me to do it. So I'm really looking forward to seeing how it goes at Augusta.

Q. And yet, you won at the end of last year, the other way, what changed?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, nothing, but I win usually when I putt okay from ten feet and in. I mean, I've been hitting it good for a year or so, and the two weeks I putted well in close, I was up there and I won.
But you know, my short putting was really ruining my good golf, and it was very frustrating to the point where, you know, I just didn't really feel like playing because every round I played, most likely I would leave two or three out there and that adds up to a lot at the end of a week. It was hard to have a good week.
But, you know, this is certainly giving me a new bit of life out there, and I've enjoyed the last three weeks putting with it.

Q. Does it affect your long game, as well, in that now you're making all of the short ones, you feel more relaxed?
ADAM SCOTT: I think there's definitely going to be a carryover effect in the long term, certainly free up the long game. It's going to free up chipping and the bunker play; that you don't have to feel like you have to hit every chip stiff to feel like you're going to make par.

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