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March 12, 2011

Matt Kuchar


Q. You are one of many people at 11; do you sense more energy out there when there are ten guys who have a chance on Sunday versus two or three?
MATT KUCHAR: I don't pay attention. I don't pay attention to how other people are doing. I've just never found that helpful to try and figure out. I try to play my best golf. To worry about others seems silly to me. I know a lot of guys have a chance. It's going to be fun and I think fun for TV viewers and I think fun for you guys but for me I'll just be concerned with my game

Q. How is the putting stroke?
MATT KUCHAR: It's getting more and more comfortable. I really like doing it. It's funny, I was thinking about it, it seems like a method that Bernhard Langer kind of went to when he had the yips and some other people may try when they are putting badly. It's funny to think that I went to it when I was putting well, but I feel like I've gotten to be a better putter. I feel like my goal was to improve my putting, and it has paid off.

Q. This is where last year you started picking up momentum to finish in the Top-10 so often and you contended last year. What do you think the biggest difference is in your game, say, last year and this year, for why you're always in the Top 15 it seems like?
MATT KUCHAR: You know, I owe most of that credit to Chris O' Connell, my instructor. Without a doubt, he's made me a better player. We continue to try to make changes and improvements. It's all minor tweaks. It's similar to putting; although putting seemed like a big change but always a continual effort to get better.
It's funny, this off-season, spent some time with Chris, and she would see me going out to the range and seeing the things we were working on and didn't quite understand coming from a tennis background, continuing to try to change my swing, little by little.
It didn't register because tennis players I don't think tweak mechanics at all. They work on strategy more than anything. And as a golfer, I think we just constantly -- you name it. I mean, from the weekend golfer to Tiger Woods, the game of golf, you're always constantly tweaking. You just don't have it every day. You just don't own your swing every day. I think that's the goal, is to wake up in the morning and know that you know exactly what's going to happen with the golf ball and with your swing.

Q. Did you have a sense there were going to be a lot of birdies out there?
MATT KUCHAR: This morning with the calmer conditions, there were going to be more birdies. Still not an easy golf course. I don't think you'll see anybody go crazy low, even though the conditions, I don't know what the low score was today, but 65 is 7-under. You just don't see a whole lot of really low scores. Even with very, very good scoring conditions. The course is difficult. The rough causes a lot of problems with flyers. Greens are firm enough that if you're not in the fairway, you don't have a good angle, it's tough to get balls close to the hole.
So I knew it was going to be more birdies than maybe Friday, but still I think 4-under was a solid round of golf.

Q. So do you not scoreboard watch at all while playing your round?
MATT KUCHAR: When it comes to late on Sunday's round, it may have you change strategy. But for the most part, I don't see how watching it can help you. I just don't see if you're three ahead or three behind. I think there's -- without knowing that is the proper way to play the golf ball and you just play the hole the way it's meant to be played.

Q. Did you wait on the tee box on 16 --
MATT KUCHAR: We only had a two-group backup when I was there, but it was a long two-group backup.

Q. You've been adding length to your putter every week until it feels just about right, what have been the increases in length?
MATT KUCHAR: I don't really know. I think this is the second change. It started about there, went to about there and now it's about there (indicating). Maybe there's two inches every time, I'm not sure. I just go by kind of get it to there.

Q. Is it where, I mean, Lance was telling me yesterday that you just keep adding length until it feels right. I mean, do you feel this is the right length, you know, or how --
MATT KUCHAR: Imagine I'll continue to tweak it. Maybe not length. Length feels pretty good right now. May play with some heads. May play with some different lofts. But sure a.m. happy with the way it's working right now.

Q. Do you ever stop and think about where you were a couple years ago and now you're competing in the World Golf Championships and trying to hold on to the TOUR, and now you're one of the best?
MATT KUCHAR: I think it's always been -- everybody who plays professional golf, it's always been the goal, I would imagine, I would hope for everybody who has played professional golf, their goal has been to be the best. Certainly most of us don't come straight out and dominate. Most of us make the steps. I've made the steps and it's a fun place to be.

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