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March 11, 2011

Coco Vandeweghe


J. JANKOVIC/C. Vanderweghe
6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You were hitting some bullets out there, but most of them came back. She seems to absorb pace better than just about any woman on the tour. Would you agree to that?
COCO VANDERWEGHE: Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I'm definitely a little bit more accustomed to getting more free points off my serve. Some of the shots that she'd get back, you know, sometimes I thought, Hey, that's, you know, a winner, even in the back of my mind.
But you have to play two more points. But, you know, she's a top -- top 10 players are gonna do that. That's what I'm striving to be, so I have to be prepared to continually play those points more consistently.

Q. There was a time out there where, you know, she had a return or whatever and it went, she appealed it. You had stopped playing, and then the chair umpire overruled it on the Hawk-Eye and then you went and discussed it with him, that, Hey, why don't we have a do-over here? Is that basically what happened? Were you surprised that happened? Looked like you stopped actually, and you could have returned it if the other guy hadn't called it out.
COCO VANDERWEGHE: Right. You know, from my point of view, I thought I had a play on the ball. The umpire's argument was he called it late, which I didn't think he did. So that was my argument to him. I had a play on the ball when I heard him call it out. I took my racquet back and I just wasn't gonna hit it.
So it wasn't an argument of anything else, but it was more of his judgment over mine. You know, he's the chair umpire so he's gonna do what he wants to do.

Q. What is your feeling about your tennis after this tournament?
COCO VANDERWEGHE: You know, I've played some good WTA tournaments so far. This is the first time I won a match here at Indian Wells.
You know, to play Jelena again, I've always wanted to play her again after losing to her at the US Open. You know, it's always great to compete against the top players, and all the top players come to this tournament.
You know, being a younger player and younger player on the tour, it's nice to kind of experience that feeling of playing the better players and measure up your game against theirs.

Q. What do you take from a match like you played today? There were some moments where you were just brilliant, and then some unforced errors out there. Obviously you're gonna work on the unforced errors. What do you take from an afternoon like this?
COCO VANDERWEGHE: You know, I definitely think there's definitely points in the match where I definitely like back -- points in the match where I would be up 30-Love. And then, you know, especially on the return of serves a couple in the second set, I'd be up 30-Love, playing great points to get there, and then two quick missed returns and then it's back even.
It's very mentally wearing on you when that happens, because, you know, you work so hard to get those two points, and then to give it right back so quick with freebies, it's not always ideal. So definitely working on that.
But as you said, you know, I did have good moments, but it's consistently having those good moments throughout a match is what's gonna make the difference in a match like this.

Q. So that's what you want to work on is your consistency, you know, just be more consistent out there? Would that be fair to say?
COCO VANDERWEGHE: No. I felt my game has definitely gotten a lot more consistent as, you know, I've been working on it, but she definitely kept me very off-balance, changed direction quite a bit.
But, you know, it's me kind of imposing myself a little bit quicker on her, because, you know, the shots, return of serves that, you know, I'd get back, and, you know, against a not-top-10-player maybe would, you know, kind of -- wouldn't be a problem, where against her she kind of took advantage of those returns that I kind of didn't do much with, and got me moving straightaway.
So it's certain things like that that, you know, I'm not quite used to, but definitely need to get better at.

Q. You were down 6-2, 5-1 and called for your coach. Are you allowed to tell us what was on your mind?
COCO VANDERWEGHE: Well, at that point, you know, I was getting pretty frustrated with myself. Just, you know, in the rallies, you know, like I was saying, I'd be up 30-Love and lose it real quick.
So it was getting quite frustrating. You know, to kind of vent it out with somebody and hear somebody tell me that I'm doing certain things right instead of me thinking negatively about what they're saying, what I'm doing.
You know, having somebody tell me positively, Hey, you're playing great points. You've got to focus on finishing the shots, get her in the rallies, and then you're missing the finishing balls. So just keep your focus up on that.
And then on my serve, keep the toss a little bit closer to me. It was a little bit too far out front, my coach thought.

Q. What's on your calendar now?
COCO VANDERWEGHE: I go to Miami, and then clay court, trying to figure out when I want to go. Hopefully I get invited to Fed Cup in Germany, and that kind of determines my clay court season.

Q. Is your ranking high enough to get you into the main draw in Miami without having to go through qualifying?

Q. You'll have to wait and see, right?
COCO VANDERWEGHE: I'll have to wait and see if I get the wildcard, but I'll be in qualifying right now.

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