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March 11, 2011

Graeme McDowell


GRAEME McDOWELL: 9 today, hit my birdie putt from about 30 feet and as I made -- lined the putt and stuff, got in there and as I made my stroke to hit it, I was aware of the ball just starting to move. I was on a bit of a side slope, obviously some strong winds out there. And as I made my backstroke, the ball just ever-so-slightly just started to move.
It was kind of too late. I had made my transition, and I just continued on with the putt. And you know, Andy McFee just showed me that and the decision of golf there; whether you stop or continue your stroke, the ball has moved from its original position, and I'm deemed to have moved that ball. So it's a one-shot penalty.

Q. And you brought it up when you signed your scorecard; is that correct?
GRAEME McDOWELL: You know, I mentioned to, Phil was right beside me when I did it, and I mentioned to him right after I hit the putt. You know, Phil -- I kind of thought if you continued with your stroke, you were okay, and Phil kind of thought the same thing.
I mentioned to Stevie Williams, as well, and he was pretty happy but I was -- just kind of one of those niggling things. I figured I had to ask before I signed my scorecard. And I was surprised to see it was a one-shot penalty, but it's just kind of one of those horrible Rules of Golf that catches us all out from time to time. But just one of those things unfortunately. You know, got to get those doubts out of your mine.

Q. Talk about the experience, you three guys did not exactly didn't shoot the lights out but probably enjoyable?
GRAEME McDOWELL: It was fun. We dragged each other down a little bit today. I didn't hit very many fairways. Tiger didn't hit very many fairways. Phil missed a few.
I wasn't very impressed this afternoon; we started off with a beautiful crowd the front nine holes and wasn't surprised to see it dwindle in the back nine. I think they got it a little bored with us perhaps. (Laughter).
It's a lot of fun playing with two of the greatest players ever. And you know, just good experience to bank really. Obviously I'm hoping to play against these guys weekends in major championships, so just good experience to bank and acclimatize to that environment, and looking forward to doing it some weekend when it really, really matters.

Q. No. 2, Tiger's drive -- what goes through your mind when you see a 122-yard drive?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Yeah, it's pretty tough not to have a giggle (laughter). We all hit bad shots. Hit a couple of those in my time. You know Tiger actually hit two tee shots today, I would say combined didn't go further than 200 yards. He hit that snap hook off two, which didn't go further than 85 yards. And he hit a pop-up fly to midfield on 14 there which probably wasn't about 120, max.
So a couple interesting ones, you know, but he made 4 off the one on 14. But you know, bogey off two, one of those anomalies, the guy is working on his golf swing and working hard on things and every now and again you have a few weird ones in there.

Q. Do you have laughs together about that or is he making fun of himself?
GRAEME McDOWELL: You know, if he would have made 4 on 2 we would probably have given him a bit of crap for it. But since he made bogey, we didn't really want to cross the line. (Laughter) you know, we'll -- I actually hit a similar shot with him in Shanghai before Christmas there, and he gave me a little bit of schtick for that. But I made par and he didn't. The demeanor out there, all three of us was pretty good, but it was a bit of a flat day all around. No one really did anything. I was happy to pick up a couple of birdies come in. That one-shot penalty kind of sucked.
But I kind of got out of these two rounds what I deserved. Not a whole lot, I didn't really play very well. I missed a lot of fairways, which you just cannot do on this golf course. I said coming into this golf week, Doral suits me because I hit a lot the fairways. I haven't hit too many fairways the last two days, that's for sure. I've missed a lot of fairways, so I need to address that scenario.

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