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March 11, 2011

Hunter Mahan


Q. Talk about the cap?
HUNTER MAHAN: Our caddie digged it out and I saw it in my locker this morning and I thought it was quite appropriate for the temperature.

Q. How did the course play different from the course from yesterday?
HUNTER MAHAN: Obviously the wind is pretty aggressive right now. It's kind of actually blowing out of a little different direction than we are used to here. But you've just got to be extremely patient out here right now. You're going to hit a lot of good shots that don't end up in great spots. Just got to hope for the best and kind of plan for the worst.

Q. You're known as a really good ball-striker. Do you prefer conditions like these?
HUNTER MAHAN: You know, maybe. I mean, this does help my strength because I am such a good driver of the ball and a good iron player. But you know, this isn't great for anybody. It's just difficult out there.
Just got to find a way to get in the hole.

Q. Can you talk about the approach on 8 that you almost holed?
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, I had 120 in and obviously the wind, it's coming pretty good down. Hit a nice -- just a nice sand wedge and got hit in a good spot and spun, I guess it almost went in, so a nice tap-in birdie.

Q. So it was a totally different mind-set; yesterday you had to be aggressive and today you had to be patient?
HUNTER MAHAN: No question. Yesterday was perfect, you couldn't ask for better weather. Today it's blowing extremely hard and you have to think your way around this golf course now and you just have to know where the dangerous spots are and play safe.
I putted great and made a couple nice par putts early on 3 and 4. Hit it solid. I hit some good shots, and you know, you can't be upset if you miss a green nowadays. Just got to take what the wind gives you, really, and just try to avoid the water and avoid the big numbers.

Q. Was Kobe fouled last night at the end?
HUNTER MAHAN: I mean, numerous times. More than once, for sure. But it was okay, it was kind of a sucker game since the Heat were at home, lost five in a row. You knew they were going to come out and play well.

Q. Why are you a Laker fan?
HUNTER MAHAN: I'm from L.A., Orange County.

Q. Are you concerned at all about any family, going through tsunami warnings on the West Coast?
HUNTER MAHAN: Luckily no one lives near the coast. They are inland so really not too worried about it. But obviously you're just praying for everybody else out there because you just don't know what can happen and hopefully everybody got out of there, because it seems like it's swept across in the last couple hours. So it's been kind of crazy.

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