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March 10, 2011

Eddie Carbone


EDDIE CARBONE: All of the hospitality structures that are out there, they are going to be operational with the exception of the double decker structure on 9, it's called The Point. We are still assessing the damage there and that will not reopen until further notice.
Ironically, though, the Monster Board, which was almost a double decker is now closed. The Monster Board on 18 obviously is gone.

Q. Can you put it back together?
EDDIE CARBONE: I think there's too many pieces. I think we are done with that; so we will make arrangements there.
The ShotLink tower on 1 is also down and TV towers on 8 and 9 are down. There were 17 trees down on the golf course.
There were 440 palm trees planted by Doral earlier this year; that's the number of trees that were planted. But those 17 are mostly new trees. We don't have an exact count there.

Q. Do you know which TV camera went into the lake?

Q. None of the trees fell --
EDDIE CARBONE: I think there's one tree on the tee shot on 1 that will need some bracing up, but as far as I know they are not in play.

Q. There is some damage on the 9th green, what caused that?
EDDIE CARBONE: I'm not aware of that. There was some slight damage that was caused to the 17th green.

Q. How fast were the winds?
EDDIE CARBONE: We heard 55. Seemed a lot more than that. We heard 55 at Miami airport.

Q. Where did the fans go?
EDDIE CARBONE: We actually opened the gates of our Clubhouse ticket, which allowed fans to come into the Resort and seek shelter there.

Q. Did it come off quicker than you expected?
EDDIE CARBONE: Yes, it's my understanding, it was a microburst that popped up. There was a front advancing but it came sooner.

Q. Weather is supposed to be good for the next three days?
EDDIE CARBONE: Yes, restart at 2:30. Driving range is now open. First tee time is 2:36 but we are restarting play at 2:30.
No injuries that we know of. I think there was an unrelated injury, foot injury but no injuries that we know.

Q. Do you have to bring an extra crew to clean the place up?
EDDIE CARBONE: No, we have Solo Events out there cleaning up and our team from Global and our operations and maintenance staff. It there's debris in bunkers, but all of that should be fine by the restart at 2:30. No other delays expected, but there's always a chance something could happen this afternoon.

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