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March 9, 2011

Quincy Acy

Scott Drew

LaceDarius Dunn


Oklahoma – 84
Baylor - 67

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Baylor head coach Scott Drew and student-athletes Quincy Acy and LaceDarius Dunn. Coach, opening comments.
COACH DREW: The easiest thing I can say to start out with is just I hope no other institution, no other team, no other family or player ever has to go through what we did the last couple of hours.
The Jones family are unbelievable people, unbelievable people. Terri Jones works I don't know how many jobs to take care of her family. Big Perry has been there for his family, and little Perry is the type of guy that you would have marry your daughter.
And, again, I just hope no one ever has to go through what we have gone through the last six hours, especially a family member like that.
Now, as far as the game, I'll let these guys talk and I'll finish.

Q. Quincy, can you talk about how it affected the team losing Perry?
QUINCY ACY: When you lose a brother on your team, it means so much to you, it's going to affect you a little bit. But, I mean, we were given an opportunity to go out and play a basketball game. We didn't execute.

Q. Quincy, personally, did you feel like you had a little bit of a chip on your shoulder considering the loss you had down low, the points that you were losing with Perry in the post?
QUINCY ACY: Yeah. Like I said, Perry is like a brother to me. We room every trip. He's my little brother. And it's like somebody coming in your house and punching your little brother, you take that personally. So that's how I played it.

Q. LaceDarius, what did they do to shut you down today?
LACEDARIUS DUNN: They just guarded. They just guarded. Played great defense. Was on the help side, just doing what they was asked from the coach and being responsible. And that's what players do. And so I give them credit for that.

Q. LaceDarius, can you talk about how you were affected losing Perry especially in the Big 12 Tournament time?
LACEDARIUS DUNN: Like Quincy said, he was a brother to me as well. It don't just affect him, his family, it affects the whole 13 guys on the bench, starting with the head coach going on down.
Like I said, that doesn't give us no reason to go out there and lay it out on the line. But Perry is like a brother. Wouldn't trade him for nothing in the world and wish him the best in the world.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you. Questions for Coach.

Q. How did you find out and when did you find out about Perry?
COACH DREW: I don't want to go into any further details, because that all needs to come from our athletic director.
But I will tell you as a coach it's very challenging to motivate a team in a situation like that. Obviously we didn't come out and play like we were capable of playing. And credit OU for really making shots and playing hard and giving it to us.

Q. Can you talk about the 19-2 run in the middle of the first half?
COACH DREW: I really thought first half we came out, first couple of minutes, things were fine, and then when we started to get down, OU did a great job of getting that run to where it was a situation that second half we were able to get some stops, we were able to get some offensive rebounds, during that time we weren't able to get any offensive rebounds. They did a great job blocking out and they did a great job making shots again.
If we're playing good defense, bad defense, they shot 58 percent, that's tough to do. So give them the credit. But I thought second half we rebounded a lot better. And then obviously that helped with not giving up transition buckets and then we did get more stops.

Q. Just from a game prep standpoint, what did you do?
COACH DREW: That's the thing, you come into a tournament knowing you have to win a couple of games to keep everybody's dreams and hopes alive and making the NCAA Tournament, and then all of a sudden -- I mean, kids aren't stupid. I mean, Lakers lose Kobe before Game 7, it's probably going to affect the outcome of a game or outcome of a series.
So that just -- again, I mean, you work all season long to put yourself into a position where you can have a chance at the dance and play in postseason. And, I mean, injuries, you're used to that kind of stuff. But obviously this is a different situation.

Q. How difficult was it to deal with the foul trouble? Obviously losing any player, any starter, makes it harder?
COACH DREW: I thought both teams had -- you always adapt to the flow of the game. And I thought we did a better job second half of taking the ball to the basket and drawing fouls versus settling for jumpers. And that's another reason it was harder to get offensive rebounds first half. We were shooting a lot of contested jumpers.

Q. Losing Perry aside, this obviously ends your chances to get to the NCAA. Wonder if you can kind of reflect on how the season went as a whole and the disappointment of not getting there?
COACH DREW: At the beginning of the year we had high hopes to -- the Final Four is in your state. That's everybody's dream. That's everybody's goal. And I think obviously we lost a lot of close games early in the last couple of minutes of the game. And that's indicative of a young team with only one senior.
But at the same time I still think we put ourselves in a position this year, if we came here and did what we did two years ago, now we had a chance at the NCAA Tournament.
So, again, that's just really tough when you work hard to put yourself in a position where at least you still have a chance. And now obviously that's gone. And we'll regroup and hopefully be in the NIT.

Q. Scott, Ian admitted that he questioned the timing of this thing. Did you find it hard to live with?
COACH DREW: Really, as a coach, and this is not really going to answer your question specifically, but, I mean, you guys -- we're all in the service industry. We do what we do because if we don't make a difference when we're on this Earth, what good is it? And you take -- let me just describe -- I mean, Terri Jones, did you notice she doesn't even root against the other team? She roots for both teams because she doesn't want anyone's son not to do well.
Her kid is the No. 1 projected pick in the NBA draft and yet she's mad when he gets a B on his paper, an honor roll student in high school. This is a lady that would crawl to make sure nothing happened wrongful to her son.
And, I mean, as a coach, I can't give any more compliment than if I had a daughter, which I do, and she married Perry Jones. I would be a very happy and lucky man. That's what makes it tough as a coach.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach.

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