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March 6, 2011

Terri Williams-Flournoy


Uconn: 59
Georgetown: 43

THE MODERATOR: We have Georgetown now, Sugar Rogers and Coach Williams-Flournoy, Coach?
COACH WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: I thought our team came out and played extremely well in the second half, we teed up the game at Georgetown, we held them to 59 points, forced them into 21 turnovers, but once again we weren't able to contribute on the offensive end, and that really hurts.

Q. How much did the big girl inside -- looked like you tried to do a couple of things to stop her, how much of a factor was her being able to score the baskets in the game?
COACH WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: It was 24 points of a factor. You know, so that's a lot of points inside and we don't, we play "small ball" we don't have the inside presence to stop a big kid like that so unfortunately when you hold Maya Moore to 6 points and Dolson steps up and hits 24.
But that's always been our achilles heel all year long we don't have the presence inside to defend like we need to and I thought Adria Crawford and Tia Magee worked hard in there trying to defend her.

Q. Coach, what do they do defensively that causes you and everybody else so much trouble that you can only put up the points you did tonight?
COACH WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: I don't know if they do anything, we're getting the shots, I think sometimes they push you off the block and make you rush a little bit but if you get 70 shots up you've got to make at least half of those or 40/60, we can't make 16 for 70.

Q. Coach, just like Syracuse, you started off strong in a different way, this time, tying them at 5 and 7, and then 11 to 10 down, just like Syracuse kinda struggled toward the end of the half and then throughtout the rest of the half. What has been the difference?
COACH WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: We hit shots. We started the game with these guys and Syracuse hitting shots, as great of a defensive team as you have the score is never going to be zero to zero so we have to contribute on the offensive end as well as we contribute on the defensive end.

Q. You held Maya to 6 points, her lowest this season. What is it in particular that you did?
COACH WILLIAMS-FLOURNOY: We tried to limit her touches and crowd her a little bit and make her have to give the ball up. We knew that Maya could hurt us if she continued to score so we wanted to get the ball into other people's hands, didn't plan on one of them having 24.

Q. Sugar, what was the difference in the second half? You had 8 straight to get it within 11, what was the difference between you and the team in the second half?
STEFANIE DOLSON: I think in the second half we played hard, in the first half it was just rowdy, I guess because of the crowd, and in the second half we played hard.

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