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March 4, 2011

Ricky Barnes


Q. Is the course playing differently?
RICKY BARNES: Gustier today. Yesterday it varied heavily throughout the whole day. Today kind of went 15, 25.

Q. Was it much easier to play today?
RICKY BARNES: Once it died down, it was easier to play. But if you hit the wrong gust and pulled the wrong club, you paid the penalty.

Q. You've always played well on difficult courses, why is that?
RICKY BARNES: I like courses that are different; every time you make a par, you're not giving it back to the field and you don't need to shoot for 7-under through each round and you can nickel and dime your way through a round, and that's what I did yesterday, and today. Take two more of these and see where I fall.

Q. Did it play a little bit easier out there today?
RICKY BARNES: It was gustier today. So the wind probably got just as high as yesterday but it came in spurts. The gusts were the same but ten miles an hour further apart, and today was probably five miles an hour further apart. The gusts were ten miles an hour further apart, and yesterday was probably five miles per hour further apart.
Today you kind of had to wait for it and be patient and know that you pulled the right club. It was trickier, but if you play those tough holes okay, you can catch a few birdies.
That 6-under out there by Rory was a damn good round.

Q. You're not playing all that bad yourself and you only had two starts on the West Coast, because you're a West Coast guy --
RICKY BARNES: It wasn't by choice. I've been on the sidelines for most of the West Coast. I usually play them all. I like to play them all or all but one. So that will force me -- I'll probably play one or two events leading up until -- actually I'll probably play two or three events leading up to the U.S. Open that I wouldn't.

Q. The injury you had?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, I've had some back problems, so straight to the trailer right now. Go get some ice.

Q. Does it stiffen up?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, when I'm standing. The longer I'm standing, the more uncomfortable it is. So got to make sure I ice it, treat it good.

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