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March 4, 2011

Kevin Borseth

Veronica Hicks


Illinois – 55
Michigan - 47

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athlete, please.

Q. Veronica, can you explain what happened out there today, you guys struggling offensively?
VERONICA HICKS: We were getting some good looks, and the people we wanted to shoot were shooting it and they weren't falling for us. I mean, that's how it was. Start of the game we got ourselves into a hole. They were making shots and we weren't.

Q. Is there any chance you overlooked Illinois just playing them a couple of days ago, maybe looking ahead too much? Is there any chance you overlooked them?
VERONICA HICKS: No, I think we knew the pressure that was on this game. And I felt like this would be the hardest game myself. In this conference to win and beat somebody three times in a row it's really difficult. Everybody scouts. They know what to do.

Q. You guys have several times this season come back from behind. What do you think you weren't able to do to spark that comeback tonight?
VERONICA HICKS: We sparked a little bit of a comeback. I don't know if we've ever come back from 20 behind. And that's a large hole to climb yourself out of. And that's a lot of momentum that has to swing into our direction, basically the whole second half you've got to put points up. You gotta score.

Q. Did your game plan, your approach change at any point in time? If you realized maybe the 3s weren't falling for you, you had to go about it a different way?
VERONICA HICKS: Yeah, I mean as a senior, I just tried to do whatever I could. My game plan was just to win, whatever could help the team win, and it would help if I could have knocked down some shots. But that didn't happen.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you. Questions for Coach.

Q. Was there anything -- what was the difference between this time you played them and last Sunday?
COACH BORSETH: Oh, I think five travels and that post. It just automatically took Sheffer out of it immediately. Immediately. She just traveled, travel, travel, tipped it.
To answer your question about was there anything we tried to do besides shoot the ball from outside, we tried to go inside. We did. Travel. Travel. Travel. And that really had an effect on Rachel around the basket.
We tried Sam in there. Sam had a couple, missed a couple. But shots we did have we didn't make on the outside.

Q. To end the first half, Illinois went on a 20-4 run. What were you not able to do offensively to get in there or defensively to stop them?
COACH BORSETH: Anytime you're not doing well on the offensive end of the court, the other team's offense does really well. The more you struggle offensively the better the other team's offense works. That's just how it works. That was what in my opinion that's what it came down to.
I told our kids that. You aren't going to get everything back in one shot. So you needed to work it and try to get as good a shot as you possibly could, score every time down the court.
But we had 18 turnovers, and that is a bunch. For us that's a bunch. Sorry. 15. That's a bunch.

Q. Last game for Illinois it was McGee and McCully and this game it was Penn and Moore. How difficult was it to guard them with so many different players that could score for them?
COACH BORSETH: Penn's hard to guard for everybody. She's just very efficient, very strong, very good around that basket. That's the kid that's really -- and Moore hits the 3-point shots, obviously. I don't think she scored in the second half. I don't think she made a basket. Kate did a pretty good job on her.

Q. What are you telling your team right now? You don't know what's in store for the tournament, what's in store for postseason stuff like that. How do you keep your team level headed, I guess?
COACH BORSETH: What do you want me to say? I don't know how to answer that. What do you want me to tell them? Do we have a chance to play in the postseason? We do. What are our chances are? Good. For every play? I don't know.
Right now it's getting through this day. The locker room was somber. Our kids were disappointed with the outcome of the game. Obviously Illinois had something to do with that. But it's getting through the day, and tomorrow the sun's going to shine and we're going to pick up the pieces and get an opportunity to play somewhere down the road and forget about today.

Q. Can you go more in depth how Moore was able to do in the first and the second?
COACH BORSETH: No. I don't know how to go in depth. When Thompson got it in the second half, she's bigger, so she puts a hand on it. In the first half we didn't have the big hand in her face. There were two of them she hit offensive rebounds, balls that were rolling around that we didn't grab that were kicked out to her that she made.
We did a pretty good job once that ball wasn't rolling around and we did a pretty good job when Kate got on her. That's about what I remember. But I don't know how accurate that is. Haven't seen the videotape. It's pretty hard to tell. But that's what I recall.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach.

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