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March 3, 2011

Nick Price


Q. Even par today in this wind, how did you do it?
NICK PRICE: I drove the ball really well today, which was probably the key to my round. I've been hitting it well the last two or three weeks out on our tour, and I've been a little balky with the putter and I worked on the putting last week, changed putters and got some cute new ideas that I experimented with last week, and it worked.
And I putted really solidly today, but I drove the ball well. I kind of wore my long irons out today. I don't think I've got much groove left on them. Every time I got to the hole, it was 190, 195; we normally get 135, 145.
So I knew the scores were going to be high today and to be patient. Earlier I was saying it was U.S. Open-type conditions and being patient in these conditions is really important.

Q. Does that give you a little pause to just go, you know what, it's going to be okay because these young kids are going to have to deal with it, too? I know you have a couple of irons that have cobwebs on them?
NICK PRICE: Well, again, I've got to go back to just being patient. That was the key today, and you know, I felt that I probably could have shot maybe a couple of shots better but could have been a couple of shots worse.
Good, solid putting, and it was fun playing with the two guys, Greg Chalmers and Vaughn Taylor, they were very kind and made me feel welcome. I had no expectations today. So I'm really happy where I am.

Q. Tell me about that hole-out on 15. You know if that ball does not hit the flagstick --
NICK PRICE: It's 20 feet by. I missed green on 15 and 17. I got on the back of the bunker on the downslope and I'm putting, sort of hitting the shot downwind, and you know, I just wanted to get it out of the bunker and get it past the hole and give myself a putt back, and, you know, hit the pin. What can I say. Obviously aim right to start.

Q. What's it like to look on the leaderboard and see your name up there, on a PGA TOUR board?
NICK PRICE: I wasn't looking that much today. It was the kind of day that if you didn't focus on next shot, you could make a big number out there.
So I had my head down and I was just really into each shot which is something that I've probably been lacking a little bit on our tour but because the conditions were so tough, I think I knuckled down today and did a good job of that. My caddie kept me focused today and when you've got no margin for error out here you have to hit shots and I hit some really good ones today.

Q. And the way you played today does it give you pause to say, you know what, I might be able to play a couple more events on the PGA TOUR?
NICK PRICE: One of the things that is tough for me, if I had to choose one of the courses to play out here, this wouldn't have been my first choice, because it's such a hard golf course, and particularly the finish.
But I felt that I've been hitting the ball well and I felt almost like just being patient and driving the ball in the fairway, each shot one shot at a time and it was good. I putted really solid today. But I probably would have preferred to start at a Colonial or Hilton Head, it probably would have been a little easier on the nerves than today.

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