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March 3, 2011

Kavon Lacey

Colt Ryan

Marty Simmons


THE MODERATOR: We'll ask Marty Simmons to talk about his upcoming game with Indiana State. And we'll go to questions for all three participants from Evansville Purple Aces. Marty, please?
COACH SIMMONS: We've got a lot of respect for Indiana State, and Greg and his staff and the job they've done. Very versatile basketball team. They completed a variety of lineups out there. They can all pass, dribble and shoot. I think the similarity in the two clubs are very balanced. They've gotten contributions from a lot of their players. And when we look at our team, we feel the same. We've played 8 to 10 players most of the year. At one time or another, we've gotten good play from all those guys.

Q. Kavon, can you talk about the journey that this team made from last year being in the 10 hole up to making progress and being on the plan?
KAVON LACEY: It's been a great journey. We knew last year coming off that loss we didn't want to be in a position where we have to play on that first day, it's been a process getting back into the swing of things and getting back on track. Really getting some wins and turning everything around from last year, we didn't want to feel the same way we did at the end of that season last year.
So it's something we got in the summer and we started changing things and playing good basketball.

Q. What do you think has changed? What do you think got you guys over the hump to have a more successful season this year than you did last year?
THE MODERATOR: Colt, go first on this one.
COLT RYAN: You know, a lot of us had more time in the system, felt more comfortable with that, just more hours put together with the seniors this year, and the sophomores. You know, we all got to play a lot more together. We took it upon ourselves as a maturity process that, you know, the things that we have to do to get better.
KAVON LACEY: To add to that, we started being more competitive. You can tell from the season to season where our competitive level was. Last year we did at times and this year we're playing more competitive. When we've been more competitive, we're a pretty good team.

Q. The two Indiana State games were such a study in extremes and Indiana State played well in the first half of both games, you guys played great in the second half of both games. When you have a game that has such a wide variance, how far can both teams be discerned when they're so unusual, and the extremes that both teams played well.
KAVON LACEY: In both games we got down by a lot. We stayed together. Had a lot of fight left in us, and we really weren't executing the way that we wanted to. So we got down a big deficit like that. Second half of both of those games came together as a team and paying attention to the details that we had set up for the game plan. When we started doing that, things started changing. Indiana State's a great team. They have a lot of different guys that can do a lot of different things.
But when you're locked in and paying attention to the details, you're able to take them out of some of those things, and we weren't able to do that.
COLT RYAN: Yeah, we know we're going to have to play a complete 40-minute game. We don't want to get behind in the first half. We know Indiana State is a good team, and in order to get the victory, we'll have to play all 40 minutes.

Q. The two games, as I said, were so weird in the discrepancy between the two halves. Is there much that you can discern from those two games that can be applied to the game tomorrow?
COACH SIMMONS: I think we as coaches can watch those tapes enough to make sure we get one or two things. But more than anything, the teams are different right now. If you look at Indiana State where I think they've done such a great job as they've had some injuries that they've had to battle through.
You look at Printy right now, he's playing great. He played with that high ankle sprain or whatever the injury was, I know Lathan and Kelly have been hurt, and they've had other guys step up.
So, yeah, you'll take some things from there, but I think they're doing some things differently that we've got to adjust to and prepare for. And I would hope that maybe we're doing things that might be different as well.

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