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January 3, 2003

Matt Walters

Kellen Winslow


Q. Kellen, can you just give us your perspective of the one pass interference call at the end of the first overtime, what you saw, what your teammates talked about after that?

KELLEN WINSLOW: From my point we really didn't talk about it after the game. I guess they deserved to win, and you know when I saw Sharpe out there getting a little physical, that's our mentality. The ref made the call. It's up to him.

Q. Kellen, can you talk about defensively what they did? Most teams haven't been able to stop you guys this year. They seemed to do a good job.

KELLEN WINSLOW: They didn't stop us. We beat ourselves. I think we had three interceptions and one fumble in the first half.

Q. Matt, was there ever a time before the last play of the game when you guys thought you weren't going to win?

MATT WALTERS: We've believed all along when we had close games we believed in ourselves. It turns out they won the game. They played a tough game. My hat is off to Ohio State. That's probably the best football game I've ever been part of.

Q. Matt, throughout the 34-game winning streak you got a lot of breaks to go your way. Did you feel like today it wasn't going your way at all?

MATT WALTERS: It felt like that but you've got to be able to overcome those kind of things. We did it to a point but didn't finish it off. It's a funny shaped ball, it bounces different ways different times. You've got to expect that sometimes.

Q. This is for Kellen. Was their defense quicker than you anticipated? How would you rate it to the other defenses you played this year?

KELLEN WINSLOW: They had number 6, Doss, and Gamble, they're just a real disciplined team. You know, our hats are off to them. They couldn't match up with our talent. Talent only takes you so far. That's what we learned today.

Q. What did the loss of Willis do you to you guys emotionally; can you update us on his condition right now?

MATT WALTERS: I don't know.

KELLEN WINSLOW: I think he tore some ligaments in his knee. I knew it was his knee. I heard he was hurt pretty badly, so it's a big loss.

Q. We were told beforehand possibly Ken was going to come out. Is Ken too hurt as well? Do you have any update on Mr. Dorsey?

MATT WALTERS: We don't know what happened yet, you know. I think he's fine. He must have got a little stinger or something.

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