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February 24, 2011

Briny Baird


Q. Do you want to just talk about your round today and dealing with the wind?
BRINY BAIRD: It was tough. The wind was tough. Obviously we've played in a lot of wind here before. I've only played one tournament this year, and the tournament I played was Pebble, and we didn't play in any wind this year at Pebble.
The wind today seemed stronger than it did when I played the practice round and when I played the pro-am yesterday, so it was -- we were talking about it when we were playing, Will MacKenzie and myself, and some of the shots that seemed a little bit more routine were not very routine today. We talked about some of the shots being hard, and our comment after that was every shot seems to be hard with the wind blowing as hard as it's blowing.

Q. What was the key to your round today?
BRINY BAIRD: I don't know if there was any key to the round. I kept the ball -- I guess the key to the round is I kept it in play for the most part except for one hole. I kept it in play on the holes that seemed to have -- not seemed to have, but have water left and water right, and I kept hitting it in between the two waters, and I think that helped a lot. Just kind of got it up there near the flag enough times that it was going to be hard to make bogey.

Q. You just missed out on the Top 125 last year. Are you coming into this season with any extra motivation? Have you put in some extra time this year?
BRINY BAIRD: I've put in extra time, yeah, because I don't know if it was necessarily a wake-up call last year as much as it is -- I think in any line of work you don't like to be fired, and if you're not in the Top 125, it's like getting not only fired but maybe a little slap in the face as you're getting fired. I don't know if I came in with any extra motivation other than I just know if I play like I did last year this year, I probably won't finish in the Top 150 because I'll probably have fewer starts. Not only do I need to play better but I need to play better in fewer tournaments. So yeah, extra motivation in that sense.

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