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February 24, 2011

Cameron Beckman


NELSON SILVERIO: We welcome Cameron Beckman back to the interview room here at the Mayakoba Golf Classic at Riviera Maya. Cameron, clearly you feel comfortable around here. Was there any key to this round or was it just a continuation of just your good feelings around here?
CAMERON BECKMAN: A little bit of both. It was tough out there. The winds are blowing harder than they were yesterday, and a lot of the shots, the cross-wind shots are tricky out there, especially into the wind today. We were hitting a lot of club, hitting 5-irons 170 yards.
You know, I had a good day. I putted well, and hopefully that continues.
NELSON SILVERIO: Condition-wise, you just spoke a little bit about the wind. Did that dry out the greens a little bit? You were saying they were a little soft yesterday.
CAMERON BECKMAN: They're still receptive. I've seen them harder, but they're absolutely perfect to putt on. It's like putting on this carpet right here. It's a pleasure to play, and everybody you talk to is just loving playing this golf course, and it's a great event.

Q. This golf course just fits your eye; would you just talk a little bit about that?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, even before I won last year I had some good finishes here. You know, just being here in CancÃÂșn, well, Riviera Maya, it's just an awesome place to be. I get great feelings being here. Staying at the resort, it's a beautiful place to stay, very comfortable, and I love playing the golf course.

Q. First of all, is there anything specific that stands out that you like about this golf course? And second, have you had a chance to play any other golf courses around here, and can you assess kind of the golf in this region?
CAMERON BECKMAN: You know, I've never played any other courses. I've played in Mexico in Monterrey, but I've never played any other golf courses around here. This golf course, there's just not a bad hole on it. You know, with the wind blowing as much as it does, it's very challenging. You've got to hit a lot of different -- I hit a 9-iron from 100 yards today, so there's just a lot of different shots. I think that's what makes it fun playing. You know, you've really got to pay attention.
For some reason, I don't know why it is, but I love playing it, and I've done well here.

Q. Of your fellow competitors this week, is there one that you look at as your main challenger this week?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I haven't really paid that much attention to who's in the field. I've seen -- obviously everybody here is a good player or they wouldn't be here. No, I haven't looked at it like that. I guess the old cliché is that the golf course is my main competitor this week, and if I play well and beat it, hopefully I'll be beat in the field.

Q. Did you get the most out of your round today with 4-under?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I think so. I probably couldn't have done much better. I had some nice par saves and made some nice putts for birdies. You know, you'd always like to say you could have, but today I'm very happy with 4-under.

Q. I represent tourism here in Mexico, and I'd like to get your opinion on Mexico, the enjoyment you have, any feelings on safety and security, things that your friends may ask you about?
CAMERON BECKMAN: You know, I don't have any issues with the security. I'm not worried about that at all. For me, sitting on this beach is spectacular. You know, I'm going to come probably in three or four months with my family and stay here. We love coming here. I may bring some buddies with me to play the golf course. Obviously I love playing the course. How do you beat these beaches and this area and the weather? It's spectacular, and it doesn't take long to get down here from the United States. That's the nice thing.

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