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February 23, 2011

Geoff Ogilvy


DOUG MILNE: Well, Geoff, we know you've got a lot going on, so we'll get you in and out. Thanks for joining us after a successful day here, 4 and 3 over Padraig.
Obviously this is a fond tournament of yours, having been a multiple winner here. Just a few comments on the round today and then we'll take a few questions.
GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, obviously it's nice, you can't win the tournament without winning the first round. So it's nice to win the first round. I've lost the first round before, and it's no fun going home three hours after you start the golf tournament. It's nice to be here another day.
Obviously a good guy to play, Padraig. He's an astonishing scorer, he's never out of the hole. And he's probably one of the most consistent short games out here and a fantastic putter. So it was always going to be an awkward match.
Paddy didn't have his best today; he let me off the hook. But he's never out of a hole, so you've always got to be -- you can't give him anything to go. So it's a satisfying match to win, for sure.

Q. You said you love this format. You take from that, you know, what you've done in the past and you can look at those memories and just any situation you get yourself in, be positive?
GEOFF OGILVY: I think so. I mean, I guess I was thinking on the way around, because I went so many rounds the first year on this golf course, and I only went two rounds last year, if you do well in this tournament, you know the golf course a whole lot better than a lot of people that might -- there might be a lot of guys gone out the first round twice or not played the course. I missed a lot of spots on purpose, because I've seen every pin out here, and played around here a lot of times, that's not so much of an advantage because of match play. It's just an advantage because I've played the golf course a lot more. Paul Casey has probably played it the most out of anybody here today.
But that and match play is obviously, you know, the game you always have to -- you can't get too down on yourself, because things can happen so quick. You can look like you're guaranteed to win a hole and lose a hole like that or the other way around. So whenever things are not going well, it's nice to know things have gone my way before, and things do turnaround quickly in Match Play. I draw on history not too much, but if I'm in the boonies and it's not going so well, I try to.

Q. As a veteran of these, are you one of those guys that does look at the bracket and see, well, if I do this, I get this guy? Do you know what's ahead for you or do you take it one day at a time?
GEOFF OGILVY: Not normally. I did notice who my next round would have potentially wins, if Tiger wins today. I did notice that. I think every year you always kind of look -- it's like you do the basketball, who's going to end up there and who's going to end up there. If I get there, who do I think it's going to be. Not really as in a, oh, I'd rather him than him. More as in a -- like the basketball, can I guess who's going to go where. It's hard not to notice Tiger Woods, he was right above you in the draw. You always notice the one you're going to play in the very next match. But it's more about a passing interest, can you guess how many -- can you guess who's going to go where in the tournament.

Q. You had Padraig, potentially Tiger, and then one of two informed guys in Watson, Wilson, and then Casey, if it all goes that way. So it's a tough run for you, if you go on through?
GEOFF OGILVY: It is a tough -- it seemed to be a fairly heavily weighted quadrant of the bracket. But there's not many -- there's probably in the odd day you end up winning when the guy doesn't turn up with his game. But there's no player out here that can't win any other player. Generally if you win this tournament you're going to have to win some good matches and hard matches, you know what I mean? Some guys are probably harder to beat at match play than others. But they might not be the ones that you would expect to be the hard ones in match play. So I think you can kind of take an overall glance at the draw, and say one side looks a little heavier than the others, but I think it's more of -- there are present I of players that are hard to beat in match play, who are not necessarily scary looking names on the draw, if you know what I mean.

Q. Just curious, I know it's not your match, but a 17 year old kid won today, can you put that in perspective?
GEOFF OGILVY: It's unbelievable, isn't it? The fact that he's in the Top 64 in the world is amazing. We've all had our good years. I was probably playing some junior knock out local club thing when I was 17. I mean winning a match play being 5 or 6 over par, I mean, is incredible.
When Sergio came out, he was 19 and we all thought that was ridiculous, and this guy is two years younger than that, and playing at a similar level. It's amazing. I wouldn't have had -- I didn't have anywhere near the shots; I definitely didn't have the head space for it. It's amazing.
DOUG MILNE: Geoff, we appreciate your time, as always.

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