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February 23, 2011

Tiger Woods


Q. Obviously this is the second time you have lost in the first round of this Match Play. How do you assess today?
TIGER WOODS: Disappointing, very disappointing. I had a chance. I had all the momentum going down 18 and just gave it away.

Q. The last hole, your tee shot, what happened?
TIGER WOODS: I was trying to hit a ball in play. The fairway is, what, 200 yards wide, and I can't put the ball in the fairway. That's very disappointing.

Q. How would you describe your control today?
TIGER WOODS: Starting out not very good, but then through the middle part of the round was pretty darn good. I was hitting every shot I wanted to hit. Got myself back in the ball game, took the lead.
Two easy up-and-downs on the back nine I didn't make. Putt at 17 I should make every time; I didn't do that. The ball I should have put in play on 19 and consequently I'm out of here.

Q. It was windy off and on. How did the things you said you were working on pan out today?
TIGER WOODS: As I said, it was wasn't where I wanted it. Then I got it back. As I said, I just hit shot after shot after shot exactly how I wanted. The shot, shape, trajectory, everything was nice. Got myself back in the ball game and ended up taking the lead too.

Q. How much are you thinking about your golf swing over the ball today?
TIGER WOODS: A lot. Every time. That's a process. That's what I went through with Hank and went through with Butch. It took 18 months to a couple of years. Still in the process, still working on it. But I hit a lot of good shots today. As I said, two easy up-and-downs: a putt I should make at 17, a ball I should put in play on 19, it would have been a different story.

Q. Are you going to play Honda next week?
TIGER WOODS: Probably now is not the time to ask me right now.

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