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February 21, 2011

Tomas Berdych


T. BERDYCH/J. Chardy
6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Must have been really pleased with that performance. You played really well.
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I would say that it was. For the conditions that I was going through after last I would say maybe two weeks, it was really solid. Because, I mean, coming after some sick then from the indoor tournaments, coming here, outdoor where it was maybe not that windy today, but, you know, even if you're playing in complete calm conditions indoor, then definitely it's difference.
So, you know, I was not really aiming for some special and extreme shots. Just try to be as consistent and patient and with not too many mistakes, serving well, which is my good weapon. So pretty much everything worked solid today.

Q. You were pretty confident of getting back the break early in the second set?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I mean, that was really the kind of mistake how I lost my serve, you know. Because I saw in the beginning -- yeah, beginning of the match that he was too risky and making a lot mistakes. For me, it was just really enough to put the ball in and just leave it on what he's going to do with the ball.
But in the end of the first set he starts to play better, more aggressive, not too many mistakes. I was a little bit like just too much waiting in that game. So when I get back from the rain delay, I just, you know, was trying to get back the rhythm from the beginning to be a little more aggressive. Then it starts to work again almost perfectly.

Q. Very strong finish. You won 16 of the last 20 points. How do you explain that?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, yeah, I mean, for me, it was very important, the game when we came from the locker room. I mean, if you have a set up and then it's 1-2 and you are back on serve or you down 0-3, it's a very big difference.
You know, it gives me just a big confidence that I'm back in the second set, you know, not giving to him a lot chance to maybe take a set. Just was feeling very good on court.

Q. The rain delay, in Dubai of all places, it was good timing for you, in a way. Obviously it disturbed Jeremy's rhythm perhaps, and you could just regain your thoughts and assess how to get back in the set.
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I mean, it's definitely not happening too often, especially here in desert. Maybe we can count the days maybe on just one hand fingers. It's not more than that.
You know, it happened today for me in the match, and I think in the quite right moment. Yeah, as you said, I had a little bit time to settle down, just, you know, talk with the coach because he saw it from the side, and I'm a little bit too passive and just waiting for some mistakes or whatever.
Yeah, so we just made some little bit change, and I went back on court and was very good.

Q. He started strong in the first set, and then you basically rattled off the last few games. How did you kind of break out? Looked like early on he was up 2-1 and it looked like it was going to be a tight first set, and then you just...
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, he starts very aggressive, and I think it was -- yeah, that's just his style maybe. You know, for me, it was important to stay on my serve, stay as close as possible with him, you know.
And then just when I get my first chance, just to get and -- you know, I can see it from the other side, because it's not that long that I was in this position, that I was playing with the high seed guys.
You know, it's very tough when you lose the contact with your opponent in the beginning. Then it starts to roll over really fast. You know, I'm happy that I can be in this position to doing this. That's the way what I need to do on court, and I'm happy for that.

Q. You spoke about the difficulties of coming from indoor tournaments to an outdoor tournament like this. Is that one of the main reasons why historically you have you have not done really well in this tournament? Is that one of the major reasons?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, it could be. I mean, I was always a bit struggling with that, coming from the indoor, outdoor, and the other way, whatever, changing the surface. It took me quite a long time always.
You know, but I hope that the time just gets to the right moment, you know, that I came through a lot of different, new experience and my game just improved.
And also myself, you know, I mean, get older a little bit, and then you know how to cope with like the changes and everything.
So I hope it's going to be better for this year.

Q. How much do you think about ranking points at this time of the year, because come the summer, French Open, Wimbledon, you'll have a lot to defend?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, but, I mean, that's just the way of looking on the situation. You know, the season starts in January, and end up hopefully for me in London. If you look for the season, it's really long. The points count from all of the year, you know.
What's happen last year, that's just the past. I have now maybe eight, nine more months to make enough points to stay in the top 10, or even move a little bit higher. So of course there are going to be these tournaments that you mentioned, which last year I did well.
I don't see any reason why if I'm going to be well-prepared, couldn't do it again. Yeah, that's how it is. I'm in the position that it's not like I'm going to jump another 20 spots somewhere. Of course it's not possible. But it's just different. It's different situations.
So that's why just you come to every tournament, try your best to be prepared, and hope for the really good results.

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