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February 20, 2011

Kevin Durant


West – 148
East - 143

Q. You had quite a performance tonight. After this game, what do you take going forward into the second half of the season?
KEVIN DURANT: Just, you know, the energy I guess, momentum. Shots felt good. So hopefully the next couple of days, they will feel good, as well.
Just continue to have fun playing basketball, man. This was a great experience for me. Very blessed to be in this position, so I can't take anything for granted.

Q. What would you say the highlight of this whole All-Star Weekend has been for you?
KEVIN DURANT: Just winning the game. Being named a starter. It was a good game in the fourth quarter, so as a player, a competitive player, that's something I enjoy playing in. So I think that was the funnest part, just playing in the game.

Q. Can you talk about playing -- you played against Kobe Bryant in the playoffs and you played with him as a teammate tonight. Can you talk about as he was going, what that was like, and did you learn anything or anything to use against him?
KEVIN DURANT: It was like playing in a playground. It was like a pick-up game almost. Just to watch it, I see it on TV all the time, I play against him all the time. But to be on his team and see the things that he was doing out there, is just amazing. As a young player like me, I grew up watching him, and to play alongside him is just an honor. Like I said, I've been blessed to be put in some great positions. This was a dream come true for me tonight.

Q. Is there something that you can take out of this game that maybe you didn't know or that you've learned that you didn't have before?
KEVIN DURANT: You know every player's tendencies playing in this league, but he did everything he's been doing pretty much for the last ten years.

Q. Nice game. How important is it for you and Russell to experience this, moving your game, your team, to the next level for post-stretch?
KEVIN DURANT: I think just being here amongst these great players and having my teammate there. Our chemistry continues to just get better and better every day. That was one part that I think back over the weekends, we were always together, people were always seeing us together. Even amongst all of the media attention and all of the appearances we had to do, we always came back together.
So that was one thing that I was really impressed with and I was happy with how he played. He came out and played his normal game and had a great game. So it was a fun weekend for us both.

Q. Along those lines, you were giving Russell a hard time the other day. What did you think of his performance tonight and what was it like to have him amongst all of the other guys on the floor with you, another teammate?
KEVIN DURANT: It was fun. I'm so happy for Russell, just making the game and this being in his home town, but for him to come out and play the way he played tonight, I felt proud. You know, so hopefully this is the first of many more and we continue to just keep working as a group, our whole team, and continue to keep getting better. You know, I'm sure you'll see Russell in the starting line-up this All-Star Game in a few years.

Q. How much more comfortable were you this year and how much more did you feel like you belonged, as opposed to in Dallas?
KEVIN DURANT: I felt a lot more comfortable. I think me being a starter helped me out a little bit and also having my teammate there. Last year I was a little nervous just being around the guys, but this year, like you said, I feel like I belonged. My teammates made me feel, me and Russell, and also Kevin Love, made me feel more comfortable just being myself and I was able to be relaxed out there and play my game.
The other guys were just pushing for me to go out and have fun and take the shots I normally take and just be aggressive. And also, Coach Popovich made it easy, too. So it was a great experience.

Q. It was just the other day, you were joking about Kobe and some of the guys, getting to see them, they put their pants on the same way; he came in and said it's time to hand the torch down and it's the Durants and the Blake Griffins now that get the spotlight.
KEVIN DURANT: I joked with him today and called him the Old Fella. (Laughter). He's been here a long time, but he's still playing like he's 22 years old. You know, as a player, you only can hope and pray for a career like he's had; a lot of championships, a lot of scoring titles.
So it was an honor to play alongside a guy like that. So if he passes the torch on to me, I guess I know what to do with it.

Q. Of all of the things you expected to maybe experience this weekend, Guinness Book of World Records, is that the biggest surprise for you?
KEVIN DURANT: That might have been the biggest surprise, to be in the begin he is book of world records, I can say I've done something that not too many people can do. But you have to give some credit to Dirk, too. He made a lot more shots.

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