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February 20, 2011

Blake Griffin


West – 148
East - 143

Q. Blake, you with give us a sense for how fatigued you are after all this busy weekend that you've had.
BLAKE GRIFFIN: Oh, man, I can barely move right now. I'm pretty tired. But you know, it was great getting that win, and I mean, I had fun this weekend. No doubt it was fun and it was a good experience.

Q. Were you conscious of the fans that started cheering for you at the start of the fourth quarter right before Pop put you in? Did you hear that?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: Yeah, I definitely heard it.

Q. How did it make you feel?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: It was cool, really cool, actually, to get recognition from the fans like that. And I thought they were all looking at me like, why aren't you going in. I didn't know that was the protocol, you get up immediately. (Laughter).

Q. This is a Laker town, we know that, but you are making a name for the Clippers, how do you feel about holding the torch for the other Los Angeles team?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: I'm excited about that, but I think a big reason for it is not just me but how we have been playing as a team. We have not accomplished anything yet. We are still learning and all that, but I think we have brought a little more excitement and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Q. Did you think when you came into the league this quickly you would be hosting the All-Star Game almost seemingly by yourself and being capable to compete at the level with the guy you played with tonight?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: You know, I wanted to be an All-Star by my second year and it's kind of like my second year I guess. At the beginning of the year I didn't know what to expect and at the end of last year I was wondering where I was going to fit in in our team and all that. I got the opportunity and thankfully my teammates and coaches have been great about helping me.
It's just kind of come all at once to be honest.

Q. What are you going to take out of this weekend most of all do you think, if you had to think about it right now?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: Just the things that -- the time I spent with the other guys. I think that's the stuff I'll remember the most; appearances and stuff like that, the Dunk Contest, it was all fun, but I think the things that you remember the most are the time you spend with the other guys around you that are going through the same thing as you.

Q. Can you talk about playing with D-Will, and when is the last time you were this tired?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: Playing with Deron Williams was a lot of fun. All of those guys, it makes the game so exciting and so fast-paced, it's kind of like you never know what's going to happen, so you just have to be ready.
The last time I was this tired, man, it's a good question. I have no idea. Probably training camp.

Q. Playing with Kobe today, how would you characterize just what the sense of it is like when he's going on a scoring streak like that?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: I mean it was cool. Before the game, I said I was going to let him do his thing. He just went out there and took over. So I mean, it was fun. It was fun to watch a player get off like that and really get his shots. He was just feeling it.
And you know, Kevin and I were teasing about the rebound, the rebound thing. That's supposed to be us getting 14 rebounds or whatever it is. I thought he did a great job, and he deserved the MVP obviously.

Q. Are you thankful he made the job easier on the rebounding?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: Not really. (Laughing).

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