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February 20, 2011

Robert Allenby


Q. Are you happy with the way everything went today?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah, absolutely. Well, I mean, obviously I'm there trying to win, but this week was a new putting stroke, so anything could happen, especially if you've got a little bit of pressure on you. I did miss a short one at 8 today, but I made some good putts and made some good strokes. Bogey at 15 wasn't great, but just a poor three-putt.
But look, overall the way I've been playing, I've been playing very well, and I've been working awfully hard on my game. I feel like it's now getting to where it needs to be.
I've got to look at all the positives from this week and take it into next week for the Match Play and then down to Honda and Doral. I've got a lot of positives out of this week, that's for sure.

Q. How aggressive were you with your play today considering your position?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah, I was very aggressive. I started with eagle-birdie, and I just tried to hit as many good shots as possible and tried to hit as many good putts as possible. Greens are tricky, especially with some of those flags out today. But today was an opportunity where just a couple more putts I probably could have been very close.

Q. Looking forward to Match Play? I'm sure you're pleased with the way your game is right now. I know it's a crap-shoot at Match Play. You've played in more than maybe anybody else that's going to be there next week. Can you explain the dynamic of everything for you playing Match Play?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Match play is one of those games. You could shoot 6-, 7-under and lose, you could shoot 1-over and win. It just depends on your partner. But it is just one hole at a time. You can't afford to hit a couple of loose ones. And then also, if you're on your game, you should win, but Match Play is very funny, it's a very fickle game so anything can happen. Just when you think you're 3-up with five to go you think you're cruising and you're playing the last and going down 19. But it's a mind's game. It plays with your mind, Match Play does, and probably at the end of the week it's the one with the toughest mind will win.

Q. As TOUR formats go, Wednesday is one of the most interesting formats; you have 64 guys, 32 of them go home, a lot of them done by 1:00, and there's so many things going on. I know you're probably focused on your match, but do you have from your experience any recollections of how zany it can be with how much is going on?
ROBERT ALLENBY: No, I just focus on myself. I try not even to focus on my partner. Me personally, I just try and worry about my own game, and if I play well, I know that I can beat who I'm playing. But it's when you start worrying about your other opponent or everyone else, you come undone, so play your own game.

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