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February 19, 2011

JaVale McGee


Q. How hard was it after seeing the Blake Griffin over the car thing for you to do your last dunk, and what was the plan on the last attempt?
JaVALE McGEE: My last dunk, the second dunk I did was actually supposed to be my last dunk, but Serge did a dunk similar to the one I was going to do, so I had to change it around just to get a high score. But definitely he came prepared with the car, and nothing's going to beat the car unless I bring a plane out or something.

Q. Talk about getting your mother involved in the dunk and how that came about and the ties to the WNBA and your history with that.
JaVALE McGEE: We definitely were trying to get the crowd into it and we knew that it was going to be texting too. Most of the people in the world are women, so they are texting, so it would be good for us to get those texts. It was 68 percent, I think. So that's pretty close, jumping over a car, but I feel like me doing that would put me in the running.

Q. With all of the creativity that you added --
JaVALE McGEE: All of us definitely came prepared. We came with props and everything. We all came for entertainment because we definitely didn't want to be another disappointment for the Slam Dunk Contest like the year before was.

Q. How helpful was having Chris as a coach through the process and how much did you actually collaborate?
JaVALE McGEE: Definitely helpful having his reaction to some of my dunks and really knowing what to do. And he really gave me some good ideas and I used some of them and we collaborated well, well enough to get the finals.

Q. Can you just talk about the thought process, the two-dunk, dunking off the two rims, how did you come up with that one and how it felt to pull that one off?
JaVALE McGEE: The day before yesterday, I was going to do the 12-foot rim, but I didn't think it looked good enough. So I lowered it and the NBA guy, the slam dunk NBA guy told me to try two balls. At first I was doing a different dunk with two balls but then did I it on my first try and through it up on the board and I made it and I was like, I'm going to come and do that one first.

Q. So did you get to practice that dunk beforehand?
JaVALE McGEE: The first time I did it was the day before yesterday, and I just did it once and I made it. That's the first time I thought of it and everything.

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