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February 19, 2011

James Jones


Q. No practice?
JAMES JONES: I wouldn't say that. I take a lot of practice, just during the season, though. Those shots that I was taking out there, they are very reflective of how I play the game during the season. So it was an easy transition for me, and I think playing and shooting against some of the best competition in the league kind of brought the best out of me.

Q. Dwyane was saying yesterday he made it pretty clear to you that you could not lose to the Celtics. Was there pressure on you from your teammates?
JAMES JONES: No, there wasn't any pressure. Those guys were cheering for me, rooting for me. We know we have had our struggles against the Celtics in the past, but today the Heat came out on top, so I'm excited about that.

Q. You talked before, I think yesterday, about how you kind of get overshadowed when you're playing with the team that you play on. Did you feel like with Pierce and Ray Allen you were in that same situation again?
JAMES JONES: For me, it's something I'm comfortable with. I prefer for other guys to get all of the attention and I prefer to sit in the corner silently and punish teams. It's a very familiar territory. I'm not the superstar on my team but I know I'm an integral piece and guys like myself help teams win.

Q. We talked yesterday about the 7,9 and 11 trend that's going on here, but can you elaborate on what this means in terms of a career highlight?
JAMES JONES: Well, it's well documented that I had wrist surgery two years ago, and that was the low point of my professional career, personal basketball career, and as a shooter I felt that at that time I was really starting to find my niche in this league and to have that injury, my walls came crumbling down, so it's redemption for me. I always wanted to prove myself that to me I can be labeled as one of the best shooters in the game, and I think I proved it here today.

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