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February 19, 2011

Karen Batani

Stephen Curry


STEPHEN CURRY: You know, I had a lot of fun, my first time doing it. Kind of an unorthodox obstacle course going through it, just trying to have as much fun as possible. I didn't know about the result of winning for Karen, so definitely a great opportunity, and I had fun tonight.
KAREN BATANI: Thank you so much for winning. (Laughter) I'm so happy, words can't even describe how I feel right now. It's like the best day of my life.
STEPHEN CURRY: That's awesome.

Q. When you put the final time up, did you think that was going to be good enough to hold up against Russell?
STEPHEN CURRY: Yeah, at first I did. I don't think anybody broke 30 in the first round, so I think -- I think I messed up twice going through, so that's a pretty good performance to put the pressure on him in the second round.

Q. What do you want to say to the fans at Golden State who are watching right now?
STEPHEN CURRY: Hopefully they are watching Dorell out there shooting the 3-pointers. For me, definitely a great opportunity to represent the Warriors at All-Star Weekend. To win the Skills Challenge, a scholarship for a deserving young lady, and be back on Tuesday ready for the Celtics.

Q. We talk about that measuring skills; anything they could add, anything they could do different that would test some other skills that you're proud of to have in that setting?
STEPHEN CURRY: Good question. Maybe some different ball handling drills that you have to do maybe, the fundamentals of the game, between the regulars, cross hands behind the back, stuff like that, make it difficult going around the cones and stuff like that. Maybe it would kind of show off some more skills that we have in our tank.

Q. Some people were wondering, baseline to baseline with the ball, who would come out on top?
STEPHEN CURRY: That's a pretty fast race between John Wall, Russell and Derrick Rose with CP not far -- I'm sure when CP was a little younger, he might be able to get up there with them. But those guys are fast.
I would like to see that race, actually. They should do that right now.

Q. Do you feel vindicated at all that you were able to finish that first run with a dunk?
STEPHEN CURRY: Yeah, for all -- you in particular, all of the guys that are making fun of my dunking ability; that was nice to get the first one. I tried to get another one but I had to let that one go a little early and then Russell comes behind me and shows me up with a two-handed thunderous tomahawk.

Q. Love the jumpshot, nice and smooth, how can you translate what you do out there in the skills challenge to the football field?
STEPHEN CURRY: Football field? Maybe my accuracy, you coming across the middle, I have to have a tight window to get it to you so you can catch it and get some yards after the catch. I don't know if I can do a two-handed chest pass to you with a football, but my vision to be there from a quarterback to get the ball to you.

Q. Don't see the hops in the game too much. I would like to see a young man a little on the short side, my height, let him know that we have hops?
STEPHEN CURRY: Sneaky hops I call them. (Laughing).

Q. What can you tell us about the red shoes tonight?
STEPHEN CURRY: Oh, I got creative going back to my Davidson days. They have a little Wildcat logo on the side of them, so all of the Davidson people who are watching tonight can feel a little special and remind them of the good times when I was at Davidson.

Q. Was Deron Williams record time on your minds, something to shoot for?
STEPHEN CURRY: Actually I didn't know until I was getting ready to go in the second round. I looked up at the board and it said 25 something. When I got to the outlet pass coming back towards the starting line, I looked up and I knew I had no chance to catch him. But that was something I was trying to do in the second round, and that put pressure on Russ to kind of catch it.

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