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March 26, 2005

Zach Johnson


Q. Talk about on 18, what happened?

ZACH JOHNSON: The goal was the fairway, there's no question about that. I hit my driver pretty good. I hadn't turned it over a whole lot. That was what was frustrating about that shot. And my second drive, I pushed it. So it's a little frustrating, I can figure it out. I'm not too worried about it. It was a little over aggressive. I certainly learned my lesson, and I'll come back hopefully tomorrow and get it going again.

Q. So much attention is paid to 17, Zach, does 18 maybe not get its due?

ZACH JOHNSON: Maybe to the public, but to the players it certainly does, I think. This is my first tournament here, but it's got more teeth than 17. 17 is a wedge to 8 iron, it seems. And 18 you've got to wear about two shots, and you could possibly hit a long iron into it. They're both great holes, they're both awesome holes. It's just a great finish for a tournament of this magnitude.

Q. Was the course somewhat there for the taking after you guys went back out?

ZACH JOHNSON: Yes, as far as wind, definitely. The wind calmed down, and it was a lot you didn't have to worry about it, frankly. Prior to the delay it really wasn't that much different, to be perfectly honest. Everything is saturated so you can pretty much fire at wherever you want. The fairways actually have a little roll, because they're kind of skidding. It's kind of weird. But the course is still in pretty good shape. I think the ground Mr. Klauk and his crew, they deserve a lot of credit, because they've done a lot of good stuff with what's going on out here with the rain.

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