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February 19, 2011

Vijay Singh


VIJAY SINGH: I'll tell you what, I had one of the best putting rounds I've had for a long, long time. Didn't hit the ball like my score reflected, but I putted and I scored really well, like I did yesterday, too. My game is coming along, but my short game and my putts are paying off.

Q. Which ones did you make that you didn't expect to?
VIJAY SINGH: All of them (laughter).

Q. Did you expect to make the one at 18?
VIJAY SINGH: It's not that I expect to make it, it's just the position I put myself in. A lot of iron shots were just not the way I normally hit it. Maybe I'm trying too hard, I don't know, trying to get too close to the holes, coming out of it. But all in all, I scored really well. I mean, if you go out there and walked around with me and said how the hell did he shoot 4-under today, I don't know, but that's how you pull out good rounds. You hang in there, you hang in there and make the putts that you can. I've seen a lot of other people do it.

Q. Would you say you're hitting it maybe not as well as ever but as well as you have in a while? How would you characterize how --
VIJAY SINGH: When I do hit it, I hit it pretty good, you know. I'm getting it together. I'm hitting more solid shots than I did last year. But I need rounds like this to keep me going. You know, I need rounds where I score well to keep me going and keep me in the tournament. Tomorrow maybe everything fires up and I'm okay, so you just have to wait for those days.

Q. How much fun are you having now seeing your name on the leaderboard?
VIJAY SINGH: It's nice to see my name on the leaderboard. I'd have more fun if I played a lot better. You know, I'm scoring really good. I mean, I'm not disappointed with the way I'm scoring, but I'm disappointed with the way I'm hitting the ball. I can hit it better than that, I know that.
You know, there's flashes of good shots, and I make the putts and I make birdies. But my scrambling game is just really incredible right now, and that's what I worked on a lot on the off-season, my scrambling game, and it's paying off. Maybe I should have worked on other things, too.

Q. Are things coming together quicker than you thought to be in a position to win tomorrow?
VIJAY SINGH: I don't know. I mean, I was really prepared when I came on the scene this year. I was ready to play, ready to win, and I was disappointed not playing well in Hawai'i because I was really fired up there.
But then played well in Phoenix. I don't know what to expect right now. I'm really -- you know, really fired up for tomorrow. I know I have a good position, I'm in a good position to win tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

Q. What did you hit into 18?
VIJAY SINGH: 4-iron. That was one of my solid shots I hit (laughing).
I played it just the way I wanted to play it, and it came off.

Q. When you're trying to come back from an injury and you're struggling a little bit, what gets you through that? What gets you through that?
VIJAY SINGH: You know, you -- more or less I can surely say now that if I get injured I'm going to take a lot of time off to recover. It's no good to take a little time off and think you can play and come back and injure yourself and go back again. It takes twice or three times as long to come back. And that's what I did for the last two years, thinking that I could play half fixed, and it didn't work out. And then you injure yourself or something else goes wrong.
I think the best way to do it is totally recover and then come back, and that's what I did after Cog Hill last year. I took a lot of time off, just did the right things, rehabbed really well, and then came back strong. So no more knee pains at the moment, which is really good. That was a big factor. Minor back pains, but I can deal with that.

Q. Pretty tough out there, conditions?
VIJAY SINGH: Just one hole. We were on the 14th hole, and it went from a 7-iron to a 6-iron to a 5-iron within ten minutes, and I ended up hitting a 5-iron short of the green. But got up-and-down.

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