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February 18, 2011

Chris Bosh


Q. The rivalry, is it difficult to turn it off and be friendly with guys?
CHRIS BOSH : Yeah, you don't want to be on edge all the time. You want to have some time to relax. You don't want to feel like you're in competition with somebody every time you see them. And especially when it's supposed to be a break. I think everybody takes that to heart. We just want to, just as much as possible and as much as we can, just get away from basketball, as crazy as that sounds, just for a minute and just relax, enjoy the weekend and just have fun.

Q. Have you crossed paths with Kevin Durant?
CHRIS BOSH : Saw him this morning. We did an NBA carriage together, that was great.

Q. Everything's cool?
CHRIS BOSH : Yeah, it's comments after a game. I've made bad comments after a game or I've made comments that I wanted to take back or just something that I felt very strongly about and I said it the wrong way, you know what I mean.
Sometimes after a game, especially a close one, it could be the wrong time to ask a guy something. It's the nature of a business.

Q. Who is your favorite Hollywood star?
CHRIS BOSH : I don't know, man. Russell Crowe is great. He's a very good actor. He's one of my favorites.

Q. Who would you say has the most star power in the Miami Heat?
CHRIS BOSH : It's not me. I would go with LeBron. I would go with LeBron.
As far as Jerry, it's between him and Dwyane, the most that we see on the road. Just the reaction people have from him, it's amazing. He's been an amazing player.

Q. If you put Blake Griffin, Kobe Bryant, who would win a one-on-one battle?
CHRIS BOSH : One-on-one? I don't know, that's a good question. I have to go with the vet. You've got to go with the vet. He's crafty and he knows how to play younger guys.

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