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February 18, 2011

Joe Johnson


Q. Watching Jamaal's situation, the CBA situation is unknown; how much are you watching that?
JOE JOHNSON: Well, me and Jamaal talk a lot, and obviously as you know over the summer, we had a coaching change. It's been a little up-and-down. But you know, I think for the most part for the team, we have been doing pretty well. And you know, the situation he's in right now, it's tough but he's a great guy and he's a good professional and I'm sure he's going to do the right thing.

Q. As a franchise, has the organization come to you for input?
JOE JOHNSON: Well, no, they haven't came to me and told me nothing. Like I say, I'm a player, I play the game, but you know, I know what you say, if they come and ask me for my input -- from time to time, but I haven't got a question about that.

Q. Over the weekend, what are you looking forward to the most besides the game on Sunday?
JOE JOHNSON: What am I looking forward to? I don't know who is performing -- who is performing tonight at the player party? If Nikki is performing, that's what I'm looking forward to.

Q. (Inaudible).
JOE JOHNSON: It is a little different, throughout the regular season there is so much hostility on the court, guys are banging and getting on each other's face. But we get a chance to come together for one special weekend and just hang out and kind of put all of that to the side, and that's pretty much what happened. I think guys tend to really kind of forget about it and just enjoy the weekend and just embrace everything that goes on around us.

Q. So you're not scared there's going to be a southeast corner in the locker room?
JOE JOHNSON: No, those guys are all great to hang out with. I've gotten the luxury to pretty much play on the same team with some of them, and with this being my fifth consecutive All-Star Game, we have all pretty much been here together. It's been an honor and a blessing, and you know, those guys have been great.

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