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February 18, 2011

Kevin Love


Q. You are helping their draft stock if you are proving that you don't have to be that super-league.
KEVIN LOVE: I think so, but at the same time, they are going out there and getting the job done, as well. Obviously I can't go out and play for them.

Q. Your thoughts on Dwight Howard?
KEVIN LOVE: I mean, Dwight, he's the type of player every single night that you have to game-plan for. Sometimes you don't want to go into the middle against him. He's the type of guy that he puts up huge numbers and between him and Pau and maybe not even a handful of others, he's one of the guys that you look for almost year-in, year-out as far as the NBA MVP race and he's at the very top of the list.

Q. Can you think back to when you and Russell first met each other? Was it pre-UCLA?
KEVIN LOVE: I had known Russell a little bit from -- I had known him a little bit from, obviously him being recruited at UCLA and from me being recruited there, as well. When I got to UCLA, he was one of the first guys that I met. A funny story is first time I met him, I was going to my first history class in summer school and he makes fun of my clothes and backpack and he says, oh, you must be that or you must be that big guy we recruited. We ended up being college roommates and ended up being best friends.
It's funny how things work out, and like I mentioned, we are here in L.A. now and this is one of the things we have kind of on our calendar collectively and where we wanted to be.

Q. Were you wearing a lumber Jack shirt?
KEVIN LOVE: I remember I had this old school Tops backpack and whatever we wore in or he gone that is different than what's in L.A.
Obviously it was not to his particular style or liking but it wasn't the best. I went home and changed directly after that next class.

Q. What bonded you guys?
KEVIN LOVE: A lot of it was common goals and a lot of it was personality, and with that put together, like I said, common goals, where we wanted to be in life and what we wanted to accomplish and what we wanted to do for our families, what we wanted to be as far as where basketball could take us, it just so happened that we had a tremendous amount of success and that's all construed from where we were in college and how hard we worked.

Q. What's it like to be here for you?
KEVIN LOVE: It's very humbling to be around guys that have been here ten-plus times, guys that are here in their fifth and sixth time and this being my first. It's a very humbling experience and I'm very taken aback but at the same time I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible and obviously try to be back every single year. I'm enjoying this and to be an All-Star in this league is something that's very, very exciting.

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