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February 18, 2011

Dwyane Wade


DWYANE WADE: This is the Lakers, they are the champions, we understand and know the second half of the season, they are going to play even better and when it comes time to win, they are going to be the team to beat.

Q. What about the second half of the season, specifically, what are the areas you still need to improve as a group?
DWYANE WADE: You know, rebounding is an area. We are not a big team, so we have to do a better job of rebounding, not giving up so many offensive rebounds. Continue to take care of the ball. I think our turnovers got a little careless, so we have to continue to take care of the ball. We are one of the top percentage-shooting teams in the league.
We have to take care of those things and continue to get better.
We are playing basketball and right now we are All-Stars and we are enjoying this moment together. We are going against the West and we want to beat the Western Conference and come out and memorable All-Star Weekend.

Q. A lot of people are looking forward to seeing Blake Griffin in the slam dunk contest what can you do to wow us more than he has?
DWYANE WADE: If he can go up and do a two-handed dunk, he'll wow everybody. I think more than anything you want to see creativity. There are a lot of guys that can dunk the ball but how many guys can be graceful, courageous, smooth and all of those things that all of the greats, Vince Carter can do, great dunker always has been. They have been graceful and very courageous in their dunks.
What we want to see out of Blake is, he's going to be a champion, can he do things? And that's what we want to see.

Q. You've done some acting and TV commercials. Can you describe working with Kevin?
DWYANE WADE: Working with Kevin is great. He's hilarious, first of all. He always keeps you on your toes and keeps things light. I love the relationship that me and Kevin have. We look at it that hopefully we can build and it can be history later down the line, you look at a Michael Jordan/Spike Lee type of relationship.

Q. Do you think the NHL draft-style would work in the NBA? They had 24 All-Stars like you have and the league selected two guys who were captains. Do you think that would be fun?
DWYANE WADE: It would be interesting to say the least, let me say that. I don't know how fun it would be but it would be very interesting. You can look on our team and you have to say, you know, on one side, you like Garnett and the other side, Kobe. These guys have the most years, I believe, right? So you let them pick.
And then Garnett is going to pick all his teammates, and he's going to pick none of the Heat. So it will be all mixed up. I'd pick all of my teammates. There would be a lot of favorites, things like that. But it would be interesting.

Q. If you look at the 3-point contest, lots of great talent what about JJ?
DWYANE WADE: JJ is not one of the big names in the three-point contest. But you know, I've been on the team when David wasn't one of the big name shooters in the three-point contest. But when guys like that come in as underdogs and once they get it going, it's hard to stop them. I know JJ can shoot the ball as effortless and as fearless as any shooter in the three-point contest.
I'll be there rooting him on, cheering him online.

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