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February 18, 2011

Russell Westbrook


Q. Is there anything you sample from him?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Definitely. Just the way he plays and the pace he plays at. I think it's a great pace, one of the best in the game. And that's something I'm trying to learn from him.

Q. When you were in college with Kevin, did you talk about making the All-Star Game?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Definitely. In college, we reminisce, he was my roommate, if we were draft and made the All-Star; we definitely reminisced about it.

Q. Inaudible.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I've been playing point guard all my life. I stopped playing point guard for one year and everybody went into panic mode. So I've been playing point guard my whole life, and never was worried about it, if I can play it or not.

Q. Are you surprised by Kevin having more than 15 rebounds a game?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Not at all. A lot of people doubted him because of his size at the 4-position, and he just has big hands and a great nose for the ball.

Q. Was he slow in college, too?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I don't think that matters. He did the same thing in college and he does the same thing now.

Q. What would you say is the lifeblood of the team?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Just to be humble. I think we have been given the ability to play the game and be able to play at such a high level and I think the key is just to be humble and be thankful.

Q. What advice would you give to kids who want to get to the level that you're at now?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: You just have to stay focussed, and improving is the most important part, because a lot of people overlook that.

Q. What other sports did you play?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I played football first, football, baseball, pretty much played everything at a young age; and when I got to high school, I played basketball. I had a good opportunity to make something happen for my family and for myself.

Q. Seeing your talent on the court obviously --
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I mean, I just like to hang out and play video games, bowl, do a little tennis once in a while when the weather is good, that's about it.

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