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February 17, 2011

Spencer Levin


Q. A solid 4-under par 67 in the first round here at Riviera. That's got to make you feel good.
SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah, it feels great. It's my first time ever playing here in a tournament, and it feels great. Golf course is tough, it's beautiful. I can see why it's one of, it seems like, the guys' favorite courses all year. You can definitely tell out there why.

Q. Is it what you expected? Distance means so much now on the PGA TOUR, but when you come back to a classic, small target golf course like this, distance isn't as much of a factor, is it?
SPENCER LEVIN: I guess not. You've got to drive it well, though. You've got to drive it where you looking, and length always helps, I guess. It's just right in front of you. There's no luck on this golf course. You've got to play, got to hit good shots. If you don't, it's hard to get lucky out here. Yeah, it's just a great golf course. Every single hole doesn't let up, you've just got to keep hitting good shots.

Q. The advantage of Mike Hicks being on the bag since last year has to be huge from a veteran standpoint. What's the biggest surprise out here for you in terms of the golf course itself, and if you want to comment on how Mike helped.
SPENCER LEVIN: You know, not much was a surprise. It's great, as expected. They said there's been more rough than years past. I've never played here, but there's still a little rough out there. It'll sneak up on you.
Yeah, my caddie is great. He's a good dude, we're friends, and I enjoy having him on the bag. I trust him, and we have a good time out there.

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